Reusch Re-Invigorate Glove Wash

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Reusch RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash

Reusch Glove Wash Reusch Glove Wash
The most important piece of a goalkeepers equipment is probably his gloves. You can't have a goalkeeper with a lackluster piece of equipment on their hands when trying to stop potential goals. Protect their gloves with the Reusch RE:INVIGORATE Glove Wash. It will help keep the gloves on your goalkeepers hands, thus stopping your opponents from scoring.
The glove wash is made with detergent that contains no phospahtes, chlorine, bleaches, or dyes. The product is biodegradable, for all of you green people out there. It has a natural scent to eliminate glove odor, while being low foaming to not make a mess.
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