Reusch Re:Grip Glove Rejuvenator

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Reusch RE:Grip Glove Rejuvenator

Reusch Glove RE:Grip
Reusch Glove RE:Grip
Goalkeepers gloves are an essential piece to a shot stoppers gear bag, so it is very important to keep them in peak condition. You can help Rejuvenate your gloves with the Reusch RE:Grip Glove Rejuvenator. This foam product will help restore your gloves grip, working in both wet and dry conditions.

The RE:Grip Rejuvenator comes in a can that you need to shake before applying. The Rejuvenator comes out as a foam, which you can directly apply to the palms of the gloves. The foam is not instant, as it takes a moment or two to dry and become completely effective.

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