Reusch Re:Grip, Towel/Key Chain

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Reusch RE:Grip, Towel, and Key Chain

Reusch Glove RE:Grip Reusch Glove RE:Grip
Goalkeepers often are regarded as the most important player on the pitch, tasked with stopping the other team from scoring. Keepers often have a different set of equipment, but that does not mean that it shouldn't be top notch stuff. Get your goalkeeper top notch equipment with the Reusch RE:Grip, Towel, and Key Chain. This package will help keep your keeper in the game.
The key chain has a key ring with a tiny blue and green goalkeeper glove attached to it. The towel is not simply a towel, it has a unique colorful design by Reusch, with lime green being the main color. The RE:Grip is for goalkeeper gloves to help restore the palm and keep your grip on the ball.
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