Reusch Re:Invigorate Wash/Towel/Key Chain

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Reusch RE:Invigorate, Towel, and Key Chain

Reusch Glove RE:Invigorate Reusch Glove RE:Invigorate
A goalkeeper is a gate keeper of sorts. They are often the last line of defense between denying the opposition, or allowing them to score. Make sure that your goalkeeper has the best equipment by getting the Reusch RE:Invigorate, Towel, and Key Chain. This package is something that any player between the posts can love, so get yours today!
The key chain has a key ring with a chain attached to it, with a tiny goalkeeper glove attached to the chain. The glove is blue, green, and white. The towel is lime green, while also having a nifty design by Reusch. The RE:Invigorate is a foam that you can apply to your gloves to wash them, extending the life and reinvigorating your gloves.
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