Reusch Re:Load Deluxe G2 Goalkeeper Gloves – Camo

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Reusch RE:LOAD Deluxe G2 Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch RE:LOAD Deluxe G2 Goalie Gloves
It is time to take your game into your own hands. The Reusch Re:Load Deluxe G2 Goalkeeper Gloves are here to save the day (and save a couple shots along the way). These gloves are ready to help you in your task of being the last line of defense. They are loaded with the latest and greatest technology from one of the top goalkeeper brands in the world. What else could you ask for?
The evolution of goalkeeper gloves is truly remarkable. For years the improvements have been remarkable and once again, Reusch is leading the way with these gloves. The G2 ultrasoft palm will provide you with excellent protection and will have you fearless out on the pitch. The camo coloring looks fantastic and definitely doesn't hide any of the awesome features that these gloves have! So take your game back and get your pair today!
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Palm: G2- Ultrasoft material


Cut: Rolled Expanse Cut


Wrist Closure: Seamless Neoprene Cuff full strap flex with textile


Backhand: Pro latex


Features:  Pro Flex», Shockshield» Advanced, Dura Diveguard», AirVentSystem», ESS», 3D Thumb Crotch», Rolled Thumb», Pull Loop»

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