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Reusch Waorani Deluxe G2 LTD Goalkeeper Glove Safety Yellow/Blue

Part # 3470908 by Reusch

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Reusch Waorani Deluxe G2 LTD Goalie Gloves

Reusch is known for specifically known for creating great goalkeeper gloves, so their latest line of gloves, the Reusch Waorani Deluxe G2 LTD Goalkeeper Glove is sure to be awesome! When you put these next to any other gloves they simply them away!

You can check all of our other Reusch Keeper Gloves and see what great features they have like these gloves:

  • Pro Flex?: Offers excellent flexibility by combining specific materials that creates the best backhand flexibility.
  • Shockshield? Advanced: Functions as additional damping system on backhand which creates advanced protection and better ball control when defending with punching.
  • Airventsystem?: Technically designed concept that provides maximum ventilation inside the glove. Highly breathable Airmesh.
  • Expanded Finger Tip EFT?: Enlarges catching area of glove.
  • Ergonomic Support System ESS?: The latex that is slightly pulled up on the little finger side provides a larger catching area and a tighter optimized fit.
  • Pull Loop?: Ensures easy entry when having moist hands.
  • Keep Control: Latex gusset prevents the ball from slipping and at a throw keeps the ball under control.
  • G2 Ultrasoft: Best cushioning when saving very hard and fast balls.
  • Catch Control? 2.0: The glove palm gets a special silicone pattern on the fingertips. Offers additional grip in dry conditions

With all of these features how could you go wrong buying these gloves! So hurry up and get them in time for your next match!


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