Uhlsport Anatomic Endurance Goalkeeper Short Red

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Red Uhlsport Anatomic Endurance Goalkeeper Short

As you goalie, you must play with heart and bravery, if you didn?t then you wouldn't last, you couldn?t last. Sometimes people say goalies have to be half nutty considering some the things they have to do!

Well here?s something to help you with a little courage. The Uhlsport Anatomic Endurance Goalkeeper Short in red is just what you need. Why? Well you know you?ll be wearing the gear of a giant in the goalkeeping apparel industry (Uhlsport) so that should translate to some confidence and bravery for you. Also because it?s red, that?s another boost...red is a color associated with heart!

These goalkeeper shorts are made from excellent fabric which keeps you cool and dry even in the face of all that sliding and diving!

Be sure to check out SoccerPro?s immense selection of Keeper Shorts so you can find another color if red somehow doesn?t do it for you!

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