Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip Goalkpeer Gloves – White/Red

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Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Gloves - White & Red

  Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip Goalkpeer Gloves
The goalkeeper is often an afterthought until they need to make a big save. One of the most important players on the entire field, the keeper is called upon the most dire of circumstances. When the game is on the line, and the only thing between the ball and a goal is the keeper, you want them to be wearing the best equipment possible. You want them wearing the <spanstyle="font-weight: bold;"="">Uhlsport Eliminator Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Gloves!
Uhlsport has specialized for years in making the best gear for Keepers on the market, and these gloves live up to that lofty reputation. Featuring the patented ABSOLUTGRIP foam, you'll be able to catch and deflect balls with ease. The cut is classic with a thumb wrap, so you know the fir will be snug and comfortable. A full latex strap not only binds the gloves tightly to your wrist but also allows a place for customization with a namefield featured. Dont let a glove like this slip through your fingers! Order today!
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PALM: patented ABSOLUTGRIP foam

BACKHAND: embossed latex with SCHOCKZONE

CUT: classic cut with a thumb wrap

wrap on the edge of the hand

textile gussets

GLOVE BODY: textile glove body

knitted bandage

FASTENING: full latex strap with namefield

latex 59% polyester 32% nylon 5% PU 4%


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