Kids adidas X 18.1 FG – Initiator Pack

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Kids X 18.1 FG - Initiator Pack

You can't hate on greatness. You can't hate on the Kids adidas X 18.1 FG Soccer Cleats. It takes a hater of magnificent proportions to deny these shoes their due accord. This is the 7000th time we're grabbed a pair just to look at, and feel. As these shoes burn down fields all over with their tremendous speed, we marvel at the brilliance of the colorway that's surely going to assure these cleats of legendary status by the time it's all said and done. Baby Shark has nothing in popularity on these beauts.

If you can supercharge your game while your rivals are running on empty, you're cleared to fly in X. The thin mesh upper on these juniors' ultralight soccer cleats delivers a minimal feel and a natural touch. The outsole has two different stud shapes to assist with quick stops and starts on firm ground while a low-cut collar locks you in for the ride.

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Super-thin Speedmesh upper with low-cut Clawcollar

Lightweight TPU outsole; Arrowhead forefoot studs combined with round heel studs


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