adidas Messi X Speedflow.1 FG – Mi Historia

X Speedflow.1 Firm Ground Messi Mi Historia Cleats

These cleats are the second signature edition X Speedflow cleats honoring Messi his special journey. Within this speed boosting cleat you’ll find words like “Respect, Familia, Nosotros” that reflect the way Messi feels about the game of soccer, and his life. The fit within this style helps players at every level, and pushes innovation, speed, and resourcefulness within the game. The lightweight PRIMEKNIT upper section of the boot provides comfortability and a smooth locked-in fit. White the AGILITY-FRAME connects you and the cleat itself as one, the lattice structure within the design helps lock you into the boot, while the Crabitex SPEEDFRAME aids you in explosive power, getting to the ball quicker than ever before.


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Kids adidas Messi X Speedflow.1 FG – Mi Historia

Messi X Speedflow.1 Mi Historia Kids Cleat

Checkout these signature edition X Speedflow Kids Cleats paying respect to the legendary Lionel Messi. There really is only one Messi, and with these cleats you can lock-in speed, and that competitive edge. The cleat pays tribute to his history, and growth as a player. You’ll find worlds such as “Familia, Respect, and Nosotros” written within the cleats because these are the words that represent his life, and how he feels about the game of soccer. adidas didn’t skip out when it comes to the technology within these cleats, the AGILITY-FRAME connects the athlete and the cleat as one, while the lattice structure secures a great fit, ensuring that you’ll be locked-in all game long. The PRIMEKNIT upper section of the boot is comfortable, while the SPEEDFRAME aids athletes in explosive power moves. Looking for the Mi Historia collection in Adult sizes? Check them out here! 

Kids adidas Messi X Speedflow.3 FG – Mi Historia

X Speedflow.3 Firm Ground Messi Mi Historia Soccer Cleats

These Messi soccer cleats truly can help your junior find their rhythm. Not only do they feature an eye catching design, but the words written within the cleats give this shoe much more meaning. On the sides of this cleat you’ll find words such as “Familia, Respect, and Nosotros” characteristics Messi says describe the game of soccer, and how he truly feels about life. These lightweight soccer cleats celebrate Messi and his journey to greatness. The stretch tongue provides easy entry, and the mesh upper portion ensures comfortability. The lace closure helps keep your athletes foot in the boot, while the TPU firm ground outsole provides traction so players can burst to the ball quicker than ever.


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