Man City midfielder Raheem Sterling

So, in a fit of madness, you can find yourself with a thought about multiple clubs and how they can ensure success in their future. With those thoughts, you can either pore over thousands of words and countless posts, or take the easy route and create quick snippets all composed within the same article. It’s late. It’s Monday night. I’ve got work in the morning. We’re going with short snippets.

Here are some quick thoughts on how some of England’s clubs can create and ensure success for themselves in the near future.

(1) Liverpool

Hey! You beat Manchester City! The Sterling move can continue to look like a win for Liverpool (at least until Sterling takes another few steps towards his ridiculous potential), and Klopp could almost shut the season down RIGHT NOW and still have folks pumped about the future. However, for Liverpool to have any major success, their keys are as simple as tying down a few current assets. Pay Coutinho WHATEVER it takes, nail down Can and your youth at wide defensive positions, and get Ibe signed to something that either keeps him on the books forever or will make any suitors have to pay through the nose. Seriously though…if Coutinho goes to Madrid or Barcelona, we can fully expect a repeat of the post-Suarez reboot that Liverpool found themselves in only a short time ago. Also, perhaps consult some type of voodoo magic for Sturridge’s injury problems…just a thought.

(2) Manchester City

Hey! You lost to Liverpool! Milner has cost Liverpool $0 per goal and Sterling currently sits around $10,000,000 per goal…and, it is genuinely going to take you years to avoid any jokes from the moves of these two players. However, for City to return to the upper echelon, the moves are simple. Yaya is done. You could still make a ton of $ off of the Ivorian, and nobody can deny that his performances are not what they used to be. He might still chip in from time to time, but asking Toure for consistency feels about as likely as asking Aguero to not get one major injury per season. Embrace the players that have stood out for you, and start to cut ties with the bloated contracts floating on the periphery. It also wouldn’t hurt if your fan base could stop for a second and realize how far your club has come in such a short time…seriously…European success will eventually come and you’re now a top four fixture…calm it down. Outside of that, it is definitely time for some new options in your central defensive roles…Kompany isn’t going to play forever.

(3) Manchester United

Man United star Rooney

Sell Wayne Rooney. Move on. Spend the money made on something that won’t turn into the greatest enigma in world soccer (Is he a striker? Is he a midfielder? Is he a troll? Where is that hair transplanted from?).

(4) Chelsea

When was the last time your squad spent big money on a central defender? Perhaps it is time…no…wait…it’s definitely time. Willian is the future. Hazard should be given a 6 month interview on whether to keep his position within the club or make a bundle of money off of the Belgian. Give Fabregas and several of the others the same situation: either perform, or become a major payday for the club. As far as Ivanovic, despite the guy being one of my favorite players for years, his days playing the way that made him so effective in England are over. Everyone knows that this slump is a fluke, but it would be a massive excuse to make some much needed changes without snagging a ton of backlash. There may not be another window to move on from some of the permanent “fixtures” within the club…this cold streak is the perfect excuse to wipe a large portion of the slate clean.

Are we able to see into the future? Perhaps. Will these clubs be taking our calls any time soon? Only if they want to succeed. Otherwise, we’ll just continue doling out advice into the cosmos until someone recognizes our insight. So…we’ll be here for a while.


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