We are coming upon another year of major international tournaments, including Euro 2016. The last time this tournament took place was 2012, and a lot has changed since then. Part of that change is what we are wearing, including the jerseys. Let’s take a look back at some of the changes or similarities between these old jerseys.


adidas Spain Home Jersey 2016

Spain Home

adidas Spain away jersey 2016

Spain Away

The home jersey for Spain isn’t all that different, pretty much sticking to the script with red and yellow coloring. Adidas is still the manufacturer, which might suggest the similarities, including the iconic three stripe design. The away jerseys are usually a bit different for every country, but goodness, adidas really went off the wall with these new away jerseys. The marketing seems to be a sunlight-themed jersey, and will indeed garner attention.


adidas Russia Home Jersey

Russia Home

Russia has also stuck with adidas, although their jersey has gotten a bit of a makeover. The 2012 jerseys had a brighter shade of red, while incorporating white and blue as well. Now, the home jersey for Russia is a burgundy color. Both the home and away jersey have the double headed eagle printed on them, promoting strength. Almost like a stereotypical Russian, stoic and strong.


adidas Sweden Home Jersey 2016

Sweden Home

Adidas has really given horizontal striping the green light for all of their international jerseys, including Sweden. The home coloring is virtually the same, although with subtle horizontal lines across the home jersey. The away jersey is quite a bit different. It still uses the dark blue as the main color, but also incorporates lighter shades. It really reminds me of the Bayern Munich 2014/15 jersey, although with different colors. Sweden did make the switch from Umbro to adidas, so differences were to be expected.


adidas Germany home jersey 2016

Germany Home

adidas Germany Away jersey 2016

Germany Away

Germany is the home of adidas, and they always have something different and exciting. This time, it is in the form of the away jersey. The Dark Grey and Base Green with horizontal striping is very interesting. The 2012 version was a substantially brighter shade of green. Germany also added a 4th star to their jerseys, noting their 2014 World Cup triumph.


Belgium Home Jersey 2016

Belgium Home

Belgium has really blown onto the map in recent years, with a golden generation emerging. The away jersey is something fairly new as well. Using a new Vapour Blue color, along with the traditional black, yellow, and scarlet, the away shirt looks like a biking jersey. Biking is very popular in Belgium, so that does make sense. It is the first real big deviation from the usual colors for Belgium.


Puma Italy Home Jersey 2016

Italy Home

And lastly, one from Puma, who has kept it pretty simple with the new home jersey. Sticking with the Azzurri colors of blue and white, with a very standard pinstripe design. This jersey is a classical looking piece of art that will stand through the ages.


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