If you’re a fan of adidas cleats, you know every new version of the Predator is going to bring some mind-blowing design changes. But even with that knowledge, the new Predator Edge might exceed your expectations. At The Instep, we see a lot of football boots, year in and year out, and this latest offering from the iconic three-stripe brand is one of the best designs to ever hit the market – and that’s not hyperbole. So, what makes the Edge so noteworthy? Read on as our experts break down this new adidas boot.

Zone Skin Puts You In the Zone

One of the most notable characteristics of the Predator soccer shoe over the years has been a textured striking surface that is supposed to give you greater control over ball spin on your shots and passes. The Predator Edge continues to update the textured upper design, doing away with the aggressive spiked zones of Predators past in favor of low-profile rubber ribs. In addition to providing excellent spin control, they add a cool visual element to the cleats that definitely sets them apart from the pack. 

Lace-Free Lockdown Fit

The textured upper is made from adidas’ proprietary Primeknit material that’s been refined over the years to be exceptionally lightweight, durable, and breathable. The Predator Edge does away with the classic lace-up design, and instead uses an elastic Primeknit collar for superior lockdown. Laceless cleats have the added advantages of providing a uniform striking area across the shoe and usually weigh a little less than lace-up designs. 

Re-Balanced and Re-Engineered Outsole

The final big change with the adidas Predator Edge is the Facet Frame outsole. A split-sole structure allows for greater flexibility, and a more comfortable, “tennis shoe-like” feel. Angular studs are engineered to provide excellent traction in any direction. The biggest advantage of the Facet Frame is the weighted forefront plate. It’s a slight redistribution of weight that helps put a little more energy into your shot. At least it feels that way, and improves acceleration on the pitch.

Evolved For the Hunt

Like a big cat in the wild, the Predator over time has evolved to be faster, more powerful, and tougher. Decades of engineering know-how, combined with the latest Primeknit material, make this boot truly the king of the jungle. If you feel like a boot upgrade may be in order, it’s worth trying out a pair of Predator Edge cleats. Shop with an online retailer like SoccerPro that allows for easy exchanges on all adidas soccer boots. This makes it easy to try on a pair of new Predators without making a full commitment to playing in them. Of course, we’re very confident you’ll be absolutely stoked by this new design.