2022/2023 Juventus Away Kit from adidas

The 2022/2023 season has brought us some totally unique and showstopping jerseys perfect for a historic year. Juventus is definitely not an exception to this trend with their new away jersey from adidas.

Under the Lights

When you talk to any athlete their favorite games are the games that are played at night. Stepping onto the field under the lights is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. This year’s away jersey for Juventus takes inspiration from the magic of playing under the lights and stars. The black jersey is taking a step back from the striped pattern that typically features on Juventus’ kits. A subtle pattern also features on the black jersey that mimics the beautiful Italian night sky and the DNA of the Italian club. 

Also making its appearance in the jersey this season is a sponsorship graphic that has been changed in a bold and reimagined way. The typical sponsorship logo that features on the front of the jersey will now feature a starburst graphic and will contrast with the black jersey beautifully. This new graphic is yet another homage to the beautiful night sky that the world’s best players love to play under. However, it wouldn’t be Juventus unless the jersey has an elegant finish. Featuring white accents on the sleeves, collar, and iconic three stripes the look of this jersey is just as elegant as it is bold, just like the Italian giants themselves. 

High Tech for Elite Performance

Home to some of the most elite athletes in the world the club and its players need the most high tech jerseys for optimal performance. HEAT.RDY material spans the entirety of the jersey to ensure that players feel both cool and dry in the game’s biggest moments. This jersey is also made with recycled materials supporting adidas’ move towards eliminating plastic waste and supporting sustainability efforts. Mesh inserts on the sides of the jersey pair with the fabric for a light-weight and breathable fit perfect for the world’s best players. 

Final Thoughts

The feeling of hitting the field under the lights is an inexplicable experience that many players experience throughout their playing careers. Juventus and adidas have unleashed this feeling in their new away jersey, which is definitely a change from previous away jerseys. The technology and look of this jersey match together for the perfect jersey for such an elegant and iconic club. What are your thoughts on the new away jersey for Juventus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!