adidas and Mexico are gearing up for the 2022 World Cup in the latest jersey for the historic federation. The new home jersey features a super iconic look inspired by the rich history of Mexico

Harnessing the Power of the Gods

The quest for glory starts in just a few short months and Mexico has a jersey that proves they are there to win it all. The jersey draws from a higher power that has represented success and strength for the Aztec people for centuries. Quetzalcoatl is one of the most powerful Aztec deities and serves as the inspiration for this year’s home jersey. Quetzalcoatl’s headdress features on the front of the jersey with a collegiate green pattern. Not only does the powerful deity’s headdress feature in the design of the jersey but also in a red crest on the neck line of the jersey. 

While this jersey is an homage to the powerful Aztec God, it also is home to extremely sleek features and details. Rather than the traditional three stripes on the jersey being white, the stripes are now the same red that features in the country’s crest. The jersey also features Mexico’s new team crest for an updated look that combines the history of the federation with a modern look. This is also the first time in history that all the colors of the club’s crest feature on the jersey in some way. 

Technology Built for the Gods

The new home jersey for Mexico features all the best technology for the team inspired by the gods. Mesh Panels are paired with HEAT.RDY technology for a jersey that wicks away sweat and is extremely breathable. A slim fit is perfect for the biggest fans and the players hitting the field, keeping both extremely comfortable and ready for any moment the game may bring your way. Also designed with 100% recycled polyester double knit, the jersey is comfortable and designed to save the planet. 

Final thoughts

Nothing says power and strength like the symbol of a god on your home jersey. The inspiration of this jersey pairs with the technology for an iconic jersey perfect for one of the most historic federations in the world. Mexico’s quest for glory continues in their World Cup run and this is the perfect jersey for just that.