After a triumphant victory in their first Bundesliga match-up of the season, the German giants and adidas have unveiled their new third jersey. Bayern Munich is known for their sleek jerseys designed with a unique backstory. 

Bavarian Inspiration

adidas and Bayern Munich are well-known for their historic jersey collaborations that are designed with history and culture in mind. Germany’s iconic culture is home to folklore, games, fashion, and more, but this jersey took one specific piece of Bavarian culture into consideration. Schafkopf, a traditional Bavarian card game, features four distinct symbols: spades, clubs, hearts, and bells. This game has been played throughout the Bavarian region for years and has become a symbol of unity and friendship across the region. 

In this jersey we see a dark grey background that is highlighted with bright red stripes on the sleeve cuffs and shoulders for a super bold look. In a nod to the traditional card game, a distinct diamond pattern features each of these symbols throughout its entirety and spans the front of the jersey. It would not be a Bayern Munich jersey if it does not feature the iconic words Mia san Mia somewhere throughout the jersey. The third jersey features this iconic phrase on the back neck of the jersey with a style that matches Bayern Munich’s home jersey this season. 

Tech, sustainability, and wear

If you love this jersey you definitely have many options to choose from in terms of style and fit. This jersey will be released in Authentic, Replica, Women’s, and kids jerseys so you can choose the most optimal fit for your support this season. All of these jerseys, minus the authentic, feature AEROEADY technology that moves sweat from your body for a cooler and dry feeling. The authentic jersey features Heat.RDY that targets the hot spots of your body, pulls away sweat, and ensures that you have a dry and elite fit all game long. This is the jersey that your favorite players like Muller or Musiala will be wearing this season. 

All of these jerseys are made with 100% recycled materials, helping support adidas’ initiative to end plastic waste and increase sustainability efforts across the globe. 

Final Thoughts

The Bayern Munich Third jersey proves that the club is here to win trophies and show love to the motherland. Unique details pair with the best in jersey technology to provide you with the most optimal fit all season long. If you’re wanting to support your favorite club and look good doing it, get your hands on Bayern Munich’s Third jersey today. 

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