Adidas_Brazuca_BallAfter many weeks of waiting for the votes have been tallied and right officials to receive their pay-offs, adidas have revealed that the match ball for the 2014 World Cup will be called the “Brazuca.” Three names, inspired by movement and energy of Brazils vibrant culture, were offered as options for this first of its kind public vote. However, the other options of “Bossa Nova” and “Carnavalesca” we’re narrowly defeated by the chosen names incandescent glory.

adidas have supplied the match ball for the World Cup since the early 1970’s, and has gone through many different names and permutations of an official match ball. From the revered Tango to the hated Jabulani, Adidas have used their balls to stimulate innovation in the soccer market pushing the envelope with hot new technology and stunning graphics. While its still undergoing testing at select clubs around the world, and more specifically Brazil, Adidas are sure to bring to market a ball that fair reasonably well in all of various different climates of the nation of Brazil.

Overall, I’m sure adidas will do their best to show the world their balls, and we can’t wait to how the paint job looks. Perhaps this will feature goal-line technology, or maybe or new way to assemble a ball that makes it more accurate. One thing is for sure, the anticipation is building, and its ready for the adidas Brazuca to explode all over this holiday season.


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