Athletic Scholarships: It’s All About the Numbers

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The College Recruiting process is a game of percentages. There are 390,000 plus male high school soccer players. There are 350,000 plus female high school soccer players. Approximately 6% of all high school soccer players play college soccer and even a smaller number receive a full scholarship. The average male soccer scholarship across all three divisions is 39%. The average female soccer scholarship is 43% across all three divisions.


You are responsible for doing the math. Each scholarship offer will be different and each school costs structure will be different. Don’t just go to a college and accept an offer to play in college. You need to understand what it will look like in four years…. at graduation. “Live From The End”

Who are these players that make up this 6%? There are the ones that are proactively engaged in their college search process. They are the ones that have created a plan. They know what their college options are and what their college options mean for their future.

Don’t just become a college student athlete. Become a college student athlete that understands what their financial future looks like.

Regardless of your sport, college is a four-year experience that affects the rest of your life.

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Tim, a St. Louis native, has lived in Chesterfield, Missouri with his wife, Moochie, for over twenty years. Tim also has three kids – Taylor , James and Alex, all of whom were college student athletes. Tim grew up in North County and attended St. Louis University High School and SIUE for college, as a two-sport athlete. Upon graduation, he played professional soccer for over ten years. Since his playing days, Tim has built a resume as a successful business entrepreneur in the St. Louis area, with extensive experience and expertise in managing and operating growth-oriented businesses. Innovative, confident and ethical, Tim has built and managed businesses in the sports, retail and educational industries. Tim is the Co-Founder of The College Program with his son James.



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