At the level of professional soccer, the pros have to make sure that their confidence and ego can help keep their level of play in tip-top shape when they hit the pitch. However, some professionals tend to lack the amount of talent to truly back up their massive ego and it ends up just making them look insane. For every outspoken CR7 and Ibrahimovic, there is a Nicklas Bendtner waiting to sound like a total idiot. Luckily, for all of us that follow world soccer, Bendtner has decided to further prove that his ego reaches far beyond any of his skills.

Bendtner has recently said that he no longer wishes to stay with Arsenal. The team has given the player only 20 appearances since 2010 and the teams that Bendtner got loaned to were reticent to bring the striker in permanently. That could be because his performances for these teams were sub-par, or, in the case of Juventus, terrible. In nearly forty loan appearances for other teams, Bendtner only managed eight goals and never made himself a key member of either squad. With Juventus rarely employing him as a sub and typically leaving him unused on the bench and Sunderland hoping he would be a star man, Arsenal never saw performances worthy of making him a key member of their own club.


Now, as Bendtner watches another season pass by without any real action, he has made it clear where he hopes his career ends up next. The Danish international wants his next club to be one of the two Spanish giants: Real Madrid or Barcelona.

The issues that this move brings up number in the thousands, but we will just hit the high notes. I mean, Bendtner is arguably the fifth or sixth best striker within the Arsenal camp and he would fall even farther down the pecking order in two clubs that have the deepest stables in the world. Thinking that he would ever sneak above some of the young talent that these two clubs are hoping to groom or above the other strikers that their transfer funds could bring in is laughable. Barcelona moved on after Ibra…would they really accept Bendtner? Madrid could buy Suarez or any number of eligible strikers…would they really settle for…well, you know…

Plus, Bendtner is 25 now. He is no longer the type of player that you can pitch by focusing on a major upside. What we have seen from the player is probably going to be the same thing we see over the next four years. Bendtner also has no locker room benefits to bring to the table. As long as Bendtner claims that he wants more games, he is going to have to lower his standards. Lower level EPL teams, the French Ligue 1, mid-level Spanish or Italian teams, or the MLS will be the only places willing to still give Bendtner enough games and give Arsenal enough money.

If Bendtner keeps getting in front of a microphone then we can only hope that he continues to spill ridiculous nonsense like this. I personally hope he goes to a smaller teams and lights it up so that he can start pretending like he was always this good. The footballing world takes all types…even Nicklas Bendtners…


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