Blatter Continues To Epitomize Failure

Sepp Blatter

There can be no doubt that the big-cheese in world football (Sepp Blatter) might be the worst thing to be associated with the game. Up until recently, it felt that everyone was aware of Blatter’s ineptitude but was willing to put up with Blatter’s babbling since he had spoken about not desiring to continue in his current position. However, now that the thorn in soccer’s side has stated his desire to stay in power for another term, it seems that the world is doomed to suffer through even more of Sepp’s failures until someone in power finally decided to wake up.

In yet another instance of the entirety of football fandom screaming “We told you so,” Sepp recently admitted that giving the World Cup to Qatar was a mistake. However, in true Blatter-fashion, he passed the buck off to the executive committee. The underbelly of the upcoming Brazil World Cup is out there if you do enough Google searching, yet Blatter will somehow escape unscathed. Qatar has already crossed many/many/many dangerous thresholds in their build-up to their World Cup attempt, yet it is entirely possible that nothing will be done (and that Blatter will somehow, still, avoid the much-deserved blame).

By brushing off the decision to award Qatar the World Cup by saying “we all know mistakes are made in life,” Blatter has equated giving Qatar the World Cup to bumping into someone in the checkout line. People are dying…there are rumors of slave labor (SLAVE LABOR)…the temperatures will be outrageous (120+)…the promises Qatar made seem to have already been proven wrong…and Blatter is saying that the move to give them the World Cup can be seen as the same thing as forgetting to put the trash out on trash day…FAIL.

Long has The Center Circle been outspoken about the ridiculousness of our “fearless leader” and his inability to lead. Campaigns against racism and other terrible aspects of football lose their integrity and a large chunk of their meaning while Blatter is in charge. No matter what move football makes in the next few years, it may all be for naught if they continue ahead with Blatter at the helm.

Get Blatter out…


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