Even though Bayern Munich won a historic treble in 2012/13, it was the club from Dortmund that stole the hearts of many – including hipsters – during the Schwarzgelben‘s (“The Black Yellows”) ride to the Champions League final against Bayern. Once again, the club is ready to mount a challenge on Bayern for the 2013/14 Bundesliga crown, so grab Borussia Dortmund’s kit now, while there’s still time before Bundesliga season opens just over a week from now.

If you jumped on the Dortmund bandwagon last year, and feel a bit green about your footy crush, here’s some context so you can know your new darling. First, the name. Borussia refers to the region of Germany the club is from – a feminized version of Prussia. Dortmund is the club’s home city – it’s Germany’s 8th largest city in the industrial Ruhr area. Some have said the city is not unlike Pittsburgh, here in the U.S. The club’s crest, BVB 09, is an abbreviation of Borussia Ballspielverein 1909. The date refers to the club’s founding, while Ballspielverein is a wonderful German word for “ball game/sport club.” BVB plays its home matches in the famed Westfallenstadion, Germany’s largest sporting grounds. Finally, the club has been playing in its iconic yellow and black colors since before World War I!

And don’t think the club came out of nowhere last season. It’s been a traditional German power for awhile, proudly claiming 8 domestic championships, 3 German cup titles, and 1 Champions League title, as well as plenty of crowns from more minor competitions. So owning a BVB kit links you to this proud and passionate tradition. After all, Dortmund is home to the Südtribune (“south stand”) with its feared, yet beloved Yellow Wall.

As for the 2013/14 kit, it’s the best design Dortmund has put out in awhile. The home kit features the classic bright yellow with black accents – such as piping along the sides, around the neck and arms. The yellow is free of visual clutter, which only further showcases Dortmund’s famous yellow. My favorite part is the stylized gingham pattern stretched across the kit’s front. Here’s a close up:


The pattern is stylish and adds some Euro sophistication. A fantastic design touch. Overall, the kit (especially the V-neck) has a more mature look than last season’s cadet-neck look. Next, the kit adopts the fitted-style that’s been so popular across Europe. You especially see this in the arm fabric, which fits perfectly around my arms. Star forward Marco Reus models the look for us:


The fitted design definitely makes this kit the most stylish I’ve ever worn about.

Yet the kit isn’t just fashion, it’s also very functional.  Puma’s dryCELL technology is a winner, keeping the kit well-ventilated (there’s wonderful mesh fabric along the sides too, increasing ventilation), as well as wicking off moisture. And don’t forget its durability, thanks to the fabric’s elasticity. Plus, the material is smooth on your skin – the most comfortable kit I own!

Meanwhile, the black away kit epitomizes “fußball cool.” It’s all black, except for yellow stripes and piping on the sleeves, as well as the Puma logo in striking yellow, thanks to the high contrast against the black background. Among some of my Bundesliga friends, the consensus has been that this is sharpest black away kit around. Again, the away kit also features the same fabulous dryCELL technology.

Finally, a couple more features from both kits are worth mentioning. First, the totally modern and energetic font featuring the beloved Ruhr city’s name on the kits’ back. Here’s the away kit:



Here’s the home kit:


From pictures online, I initially didn’t like this font. However, once I got the kits, I immediately fell in love with it – the font’s energy perfectly fits a club known for its famed “gegenpressing” style of play.

Finally, both home and away kits each have a unique touches. First, you’ll find the club’s abbreviated name on the home kit’s back:


Last, and my favorite feature of all, you’ll the find the club’s beautiful motto inside the away kit:


Echte Liebe, which translates to something like: “True/unconditional love,” a poetic summary of the philosophy undergirding this club. Fittingly, the motto is inside the away kit – the love in Dortmund travels well.

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