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PSG-FRA NEW LOGO NOVO ESCUDOAfter a few months of speculation about where Cavani would end up, the Uruguayan striker has finally chosen his future destination. Even here on the Center Circle, we had Cavani landing at Chelsea, Real Madrid, or maybe even Manchester City…but, the deep (DEEP) pockets of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have snagged the biggest fish currently out there. Although this is a huge coup for PSG, what does it mean for the rest of European football?

Well, for starters, it means that PSG will not go quietly into the night as some sort of an experiment. The money is still going to flow out of France and they will not be allowing Falcao and Monaco to become the biggest club in France. Laurent Blanc must feel like he is playing a video game with the talent he has at his disposal. With the addition of Cavani, they could field Ibrahimovic, Lavezzi, and Cavani all at the same time. Is there a stronger strike-force in the entirety of world football? It seems that PSG will not be content to only own the Ligue 1 title, but they will be spending until they bring home Europe’s ultimate prize. This transfer is a warning shot to the entirety of Europe that PSG are going to be a force for a long time!

For Chelsea, despite there being plenty of time left in the transfer window, it means that they might actually see if Torres or Demba Ba can replace Drogba. My current favorite rumor is that Mourinho wants to bring Drogba back to the Bridge, and the Ivorian would probably replace both Ba and Torres immediately. The only other aspect that this means for Chelsea is that they may have to be content with only one CL title…they certainly are not Europe’s big spenders anymore and they may soon find themselves happy to reach a quarter-final of most European competitions.

CR7 Shirt ImageFor Real Madrid, it means that every moment of their focus needs to be on keeping CR7 in Madrid. They already missed out on Neymar and a future-star, but now the loss of Cavani means that Ronaldo is still their best scoring option at all times. As with Chelsea, Madrid is also watching a CL power be born in France that may end up preventing them from snagging their tenth Champions League title. If they pass through another full season without a major trophy, the Madrid faithful and the club may enter into a massive overhaul.

Cavani will hope to justify his massive transfer fee during the next season and beyond for PSG. However, there will be a bunch of clubs around Europe hoping that Cavani becomes the next Fernando Torres. For me, considering I have no horse in the Champions League or French Ligue 1 race, I am absolutely thrilled to see what PSG looks like with all of that talent on the pitch at the same time. Although I would readily accept the paycheck, I am definitely thanking God that I am not a goalkeeper going up against the French giants!


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