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Is College just about the sport of Soccer?

There are so many schools that will match your needs and your family’s needs. The RFC is, what I consider, to be a concept you need to understand. This financial concept helps you think differently about the REAL COST of attending college. It helps you think differently about your choices.

Your RFC ignores the concept of borrowing and shows you how much you ACTUALLY OWE. Whether you pay for college with   your own money or borrow it to pay it off tomorrow, YOU OWE IT.

Did you know?

  • The average soccer scholarship for men’s soccer is 39%
  • The average soccer scholarship for women’s soccer is 43%.

The question you have to ask is can I afford the schools that I am considering after applying my scholarship(s).

Total 4 Year Cost – Total 4 Year Scholarship = Your REAL Family Contribution (RFC)

This simple formula helps you understand the magnitude of receiving a scholarship at each college and encourages you to think differently about the REAL COST of a college education.

What is your “Live From The End”?

What do you see for your future? Was your four-year undergrad experience worth the investment financially?

Use your imagination & envision what your future could be on graduation day. We believe that if you can See your future responsibility, you will understand the magnitude of this decision and make a more educated choice.

We believe in this moment right now. Understand your choices and take responsibly, for it is your future.

What you decide now will affect your future long term.

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