Dempsey to Seattle!?!?

Basle-v-Tottenham-Clint-Dempsey-second-goal2_2928145Although the twitter-verse and the rest of the soccer world exploded yesterday with rumors about current USMNT captain Clint Dempsey possibly transferring to someone in the MLS, the bulk of the football world seemed set on thinking that a “Dempsey to the MLS” move would never happen. However, after an official statement from Tottenham today stating that they have reached an agreement deal with the MLS in regards to Clint Dempsey and his transfer, it seems that Dempsey may be moving to Seattle after all!

Let’s start off by taking this in from the perspective of Dempsey. Although I am sure that he will make a statement talking about why he moved from the EPL and possible Champions League football with Tottenham to Seattle and the MLS, the move is shrouded in a bit of mystery. Considering that the 2014 World Cup is coming up, you would think that one of the USMNT’s best players would be wanting to play at the highest possible level. He scored several crucial goals for Tottenham last season, but he never really seemed to be one of Andre Villas-Boas favorite players. Still, with the possible transfer of Gareth Bale, Spurs would be hoping to fill that hole quickly.

Then, for the MLS, this makes perfect sense and it is a huge move for the league. Dempsey quickly becomes the face of the league and the biggest player on the pitch. If a hole was left by David Beckham, Dempsey fills it and then some. Seattle have had no problem filling out their own stadium, but Dempsey will put fans in the seats at every single place that the Sounders visit. He also provides Nike with a huge beacon of power within the adidas-controlled league. The only big teams that could be against this move in the MLS will be the Portland and Vancouver teams that consider Seattle to be a major rival, but they will soon see that this is best for the entirety of the U.S. game.

For Seattle, it could definitely be a massive push for this season. Although they have been on the cusp of the playoffs for most of the season, the introduction of Deuce has many moving them into the playoffs and a few saying that they are the new favorites to take home the MLS Cup. They have a free DP spot for Dempsey and they will make back any amount of money that they threw at Tottenham and Dempsey. The initial reports say that the transfer fee is $9 million with Dempsey receiving $8 million a year in salary. Considering the fact that Dempsey’s jersey will be the hottest commodity in the MLS for a long time, they will probably make back the initial transfer fee in product sales alone. Some may see it as too much money, but anyone that knows the workings of a Major League Club will know that this is a great long-term investment.

It still seems like one of the most exciting transfers that I have had the pleasure of covering since I started writing online about soccer and I am still having a hard time believing that it is actually happening. But, the report is that Dempsey will be revealed on Monday as a full-fledged member of the Seattle Sounders and that there will be no more doubting. A truly memorable move for any fan of Dempsey’s and any fan of the MLS…now, time to see what type of impression the Texan gives once he puts his boots on and starts scoring goals!


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