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Cavorla scores for Arsenal

On the weekend we were treated to both of the Premier League’s top clubs putting their title credentials on display for everyone to see. For Arsenal, a long first half where a few improved crosses from Fulham could have toppled the London giants gave way to them maintaining their hold at the top of the table. For Manchester City, their onslaught on opponent’s goals continued as they have now racked up over 100 goals in all competitions this season. For the two top dogs in the Premier League, what showed that will help them push on to victory and what showed that they might have a few stumbles towards the finish line?

At the Emirates, Arsenal’s scoreline belies a very difficult first half but it also shows that the Gunner machine continues marching towards the title. Considering the prowess and ability that Arsenal have shown up to this point, it is amazing that there are still tons of people in the footy world that are yet to give the red side of London their due. The most creative midfield in the Premier League, Arsenal must be taken seriously by anyone that is a fan of the league. Mertesacker and Koscielny, although an unlikely defensive duo, have provided Arsenal with the type of defensive dependability that a title push requires. Arsenal beasts FulhamAdd in that Szczesny no longer looks prone to constant mistakes and the title definitely feels like it is Arsenal’s to lose at this point. Sure, Walcott might be hurt, but this team has the depth to bring home a much needed trophy at the end of the season.

Although, it shows that none of the Gunner faithful at the Emirates on Saturday have watched the current Bayern Munich team play in the last few seasons as they continue to chant that the current Arsenal squad is “by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.” Still, the title push is for real…it is certainly time that the world respects that.

Meanwhile, at the Etihad stadium, City continue to score at will. Dzeko, Aguero, and Negredo are putting the fear into every defense they face and the strength of Yaya Toure pairs perfectly with the slick passing of David Silva every weekend. However, City will feel that their performance on Saturday showed more cracks in their push for a title than Arsenal’s. Aguero celebrates vs. CardiffThe defense for City will need to become much more dependable for City to try and pip Arsenal. Although City seem to score a ton of goals in every game, every season will give each team several tests where the best you can hope for is a 1-0 victory. If the back four of City (and Joe Hart) are unable to fix themselves, there might be a few points that City will leave out on the pitch instead of adding them to their current total.

Unlike Arsenal, City would probably place more emphasis on European glory. Arsenal have tasted Champions League success in the past and their main focus will be on the Premier League title. Will that end up changing the table towards the end of the season? Only time will tell.

Despite Chelsea starting to rev the engines and Liverpool lurking below, the best shot does seem to lie with the current top pairing. It also seems to be that each team will have to improve opposite ends of the pitch as the season continues. The Premier League is providing an unprecedented level of competition this season and it will inevitably provide an amazing finish for any fan of England’s top tier competition.


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