Life is never easy for a club limping away from a 4-0 defeat to your biggest rivals. Life is even more difficult for a club currently heading into the last few weeks of the season and FA Cup without any actual senior level defenders. These issues, and quite a few others, are plaguing Everton as they head to an extremely uncertain summer. With a billionaire owner taking over, a club would typically be walking on sunshine…but, it does little to allay the fears that continue to seep into the Everton faithful.

The first thing that has to be floating in the back of Evertonian’s minds has to be some of the key assets that will most likely be plying their trade somewhere else next season.

Lukaku has mentioned his desire for Champions League football, and the player is not short of suitors. With all of the teams that will have been enamored because of the Belgian’s performances this season, there’s no doubt that one club on the line can give Lukaku what he wants. In fact, there’s a few rumblings that we could see the Evertonian front-man leading the Madrid line next season. Likelihood that he’s at Everton next season: 5%.

The second player that will be incredibly difficult to keep at Goodison is defender John Stones. Part of some hotly contested transfer issues the last several windows, this summer should see Stones finally wearing a different kit in 16/17. Chelsea has long been an admirer, but the only thing that feels certain is Stones not walking out for Everton on the first day of the new season. Stones has those two features that make him an incredibly hot commodity in the Premier League: he’s built like John Terry and, the biggest one, he’s from England. Likelihood that he’s at Everton next season: 25%.

The last thought would be whether Ross Barkley finally departs for greener pastures. His reasons to stay outnumber the previously mentioned players because of the freedom Everton affords him (especially if Lukaku departs), but his youth and potential will appeal to many a suitor. Likelihood that he’s at Everton next season: 65%.

Outside of transfers that could send Everton into a bit of a tailspin is the simple fact that the teams above them aren’t going to be getting weaker ANYTIME soon. Chelsea’s season is a fluke, and the arrival of Conte is going to energize that club back to its old heights. Manchester United is struggling horribly, yet still sit in 5th place. There’s also no way that United doesn’t upgrade at the manager position and bring in a wealth of quality players in the next campaign. If there’s two teams that can reload quickly, it’s Chelsea and United.

Manchester City isn’t going anywhere other than up with the incoming arrival of Pep and the continued influence of their $$$. Arsenal might be the hardest team to truly scope their potential, but the red side of London always manages to be a part of the top four season-in and season-out. Tottenham is a team on the rise with a winning manager and philosophy in place, and this summer could see them solidify themselves as top four contenders for well after this season.

The hardest pill to swallow for Everton is that their most hated rival is also looking at a bright future that will be hard to overcome. Klopp has created a new atmosphere in Anfield and the reds are flying. Considering the Liverpool squad might be the lowest flying of the teams we’ve mentioned (unless this hot streak continue), no amount of money is going to put Everton into this mix for at least a decade.


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As if all of these items wouldn’t be enough to torpedo a club, it also feels fairly certain that Roberto Martinez will not be at the helm next season. A shift in manager is never easy, and the candidates still available don’t really feel like the type of manager that wants to wade into the current Premier League climate. We could spend quite some time on this one wrinkle alone, but it just feels like we’re piling on.

Mo’ money for Everton is going to be needed in order to fix mo’ problems. The trip from Anfield was definitely a long and lonely road, but the future feels fraught with some nasty weather. Everton can’t do much growing in Championship, so let’s hope they’re able to piece something together so that their money can take hold sooner rather than later.


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