Our Favorite Summer 2014 Transfers – Part 2

The debate over who will see the summer transfer window of 2014 as a jumping off point for their season has only just begun, but the season is only a few weeks old. To claim anything has been decided at this point does not realize how many points are still up for grabs in the entirety of the season. Although, there are definitely a few clubs that have made statements (both positive and negative), this is an article about the moves that we were genuinely happy to see.

The “absolute financial steal” transfer

Sunderland's Jack Rodwell

While Manchester City is known for the transfers they bring in, this window saw them parting ways with a few youngsters that were seen as excess to their plans. After buying Jack Rodwell from Everton for around $20 million in 2012, City let Rodwell go to Sunderland for about $14 million this summer. Rodwell has had some injury concerns during the early sections of his career, but his youth could see Rodwell becoming a hardened defensive midfielder for Sunderland and could then allow them to make a profit after a few years. Considering the value of a holding midfielder in today’s market, it seems entirely possible for Sunderland to make some money later on (and have a great addition for the season).

While life in the Premier League can be a harsh change for newly promoted teams, bringing in some top-tier experience is always a top priority. Well, Leicester has brought in one of the most seasoned veterans available, the Foxes also brought in a player that we have always wanted to see in the Premier League as Esteban Cambiasso made the move to Leicester City. At 34 years old, Cuchu will bring a steel to their midfield with some unrivaled amounts of experience that might help the Foxes avoid being a bit of a yo-yo club. And, for a club on an extreme budget, bringing in Cambiasso on a free transfer is a brilliant move. I fail to see anything but positives from this move…

Alex Song, West Ham

Honorable Mention: Ben Arfa to Hull City – The flash of brilliance that we would see from Ben Arfa always had us thinking that he was moments away from breaking through to consistently being a top performer. However, separating every flash of brilliance with 4-5 matches where he was ineffective has seen Alan Pardew loan out the attacker. If Ben Arfa can help Hull and himself over this season, he may finally become irreplaceable with Newcastle. Alex Song to West Ham United – A huge loan signing for the Hammers and a chance for Song to prove that his move to Barcelona was (perhaps) justified. Will Song ever break through with his Spanish club or will this be the last we see of the ex-Arsenal man?

The transfer window is always one of the most exciting times for any follower of the beautiful game. While memories of players celebrating with a trophy are etched into our heads, I will never forget hearing about Torres going to Chelsea, learning about Beckham to L.A., or finding out that CR7 was (finally) heading to Madrid. These moments stick with you because of how they change a team, a season, and a player’s career. Which move intrigued you this summer? Stay tuned for our next transfer post as we look at the moves the we DISLIKED the most…and there were quite a few.


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