Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo

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It’s a massive sign that your video game is a huge deal when people obsess about player ratings weeks before the game actually hits the store shelves. With us super close to finally getting our hands on FIFA 17, the time has come for us to begin apologizing to our loved ones and friends for the upcoming weeks that will be spent glued to the television. So, with full knowledge of how starved for information we are, EA Sports decided to finally gives us a taste of the top 50 rated players within FIFA 17.

The first place we’ll focus is the top three. Neymar sits in the third spot, snagging a nice boost after taking Brazil to a gold medal in the summer. Considering the Brazilian attacker’s age, it’s totally possible that this might not be the highest Neymar will climb…but, it would be rather surprising to see his talent be able to outshine his other two strike partners in a way that would get him to the top. In second, for the first time in years, is Lionel Messi. The Argentine ended his contract with EA this year, but Ronaldo finally brought home that elusive international trophy…so, we aren’t going to be too upset. Number two out of thousands…that’s not too bad. CR7 finally sits atop the pile, and, while we are his biggest critics, it feels deserved. Plus, this is a snapshot rating…and we think we’re totally fine with letting the mercurial player have his moment at the top. Do we think he’ll be the top in FIFA 18? No way. Show us where we can put money on that, and we’ll bet the farm.

Once you step outside the top three, it’s tough to argue with the players that EA has placed in the top. We hate that it feels like the starting line-ups for Real Madrid, Bayern, and Barcelona, but they consistently prove their worth at every moment on the pitch. Our only issue comes with the bloated rating for a few aging defenders. Pepe may have won the Euros, but he’s not a 34-year-old 88…not now, not ever. Look at Juventus mainstay Giorgio Chiellini, while we’re huge fans of his play and longevity, he’s a product of an amazing system. Low to mid 80’s for these guys? Sure…but high 80’s? No chance.

Once you step outside of Spain and Germany, the ranks are fairly thin. The Manchester clubs sneak a few in (Ibra got some SERIOUS love), and PSG/Atletico Madrid make appearances. Perhaps our favorite rating is Dimitri Payet’s push into the top 50…totally, 100% deserved. Outside of that, look for most of your squad to find themselves outside the top 50.

EA has given themselves an easy out with their rating system. Over the last few years, and definitely with FIFA 17, their continual update of ratings means that these initial stats don’t carry too much weight. If a few weeks roll by and Ibra slumps (yeah right) or Pepe kills a man on the pitch, they’ll be able to shuffle accordingly and move on. It’s also tough to not notice that Chelsea’s squad has taken huge hits, which couldn’t be said for Manchester United when they took their fantastic stumble a few seasons ago under Moyes…favoritism EA? We’ll get over it, just let the game get here already!!!


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