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Our family wants to help your family

These young students and student athletes could never do what they do without the help of their parents and/or guardians.


I know your kids appreciate you even if they don’t say so. As a St. Louis native (SLUH ‘01) and a former Stanford student-athlete (’05), I fully understand the effort my mom and dad made in helping me make the right college choice. High School students need your support more than any other time in their young academic careers. You have been supporting them since they started school. For the student athlete, you have been supporting them since they started competing. Juggling school, a social life and managing extracurricular activities can be overwhelming at times. The student and student-athlete that is serious about college really needs your help during these years of development. It is a hard road to navigate and they need family support. I see the normal high school and social stress everyday working with these students. Add the college process on top of the high school pressure and this can be too much to handle.

As a 32-year-old, I know many former college students and student-athletes that regret their college choice – why? – Because they didn’t do their homework and they chose a school that ultimately didn’t match their personal, financial and post-graduate profile. We see this all across the country.

I believe that finding the right college does not have to be this difficult and overwhelming. I believe that if parents and families have real information at their fingertips, they will make the right choice. I also know that if a student wants to attend a college, then they need to ask themselves – What does this mean when I graduate? This means that families need to examine their child’s major and their future salary expectations as well. This is the Elephant in the Room that no one is talking about and that I believe should be addressed. If you know your college profile, then there are schools for you … but more importantly, there are schools that allow you to graduate with an acceptable and affordable debt level.

We want to create social change… We want to make this process easier for families and we also want them to think about college differently and to think about what it means later in their lives. We are creating social change across the country, working with students one family at a time.

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Written by: James Twellman


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