Although every club enters into the transfer window thinking about their own needs, there are always players that need to make moves in order to further their career and become the best possible talent that they can be. We are not talking about players hunting down a paycheck (mostly), and we are going to try and avoid players that are too late in their career to make too massive of a change. So, what players need to be wearing a different kit in 2014 so that their international squads and bigger clubs take notice? Read on to find out!


First comes a player that has never truly lived up to this potential yet still entertains us constantly with his over-sized ego: Nicklas Bendtner. Although he has played more for Arsenal this season than I ever expected, Bendtner needs to get away from England in order to succeed. Even a loan move to a lower team did not help his case for being a top-tier striker, leading me to believe that the Danish international needs to head outside England to reach his full potential (and, obviously, Juventus does not need to be his destination). Although Bendtner may wish to join Barcelona and Real Madrid, I think that he would do well in a decent La Liga side. A player with his height would be devastating on set-pieces and a few months with a squad like Bilbao or Sociedad might be exactly what he needs. No matter what happens, Arsenal has proven to be a horrible spot for the striker…move on!


Let’s head to another top side to take a look at a player that is currently being kept out of the side by the arrival of several big money transfers. Jack Rodwell is a massive young talent that truly has no chance of breaking into the squad as long as Yaya Toure and Fernandinho are running the show for the Citizens. Also considering that the free-spending City seems unlikely to continue adding to their squad through the years and Rodwell might need to find a place where he can grow properly with lots of playing time. Considering the opportunity to join such a large club might only come by once in your career, it might be best for Rodwell to simply go on loan for a few months. For a defensive midfielder that has already had a few rounds with injury, City and Rodwell need to discover whether the England international is built for greatness or simply built to break…time will tell.


Our third player has gotten very little playing time yet already seems like he might have been a bit of a transfer bust. Iago Aspas has not scored for his new club, Liverpool, but has already accrued three yellow cards in only a few cameo appearances late in games. At 26, Aspas is not a huge long term project and he needed to quickly assert himself in his new squad. However, with his inability to truly break into the side, Aspas might need to go out on loan to see if he can truly cut it at the highest level of competition. It is certainly too soon to flip on his sale but Liverpool definitely need to do some thinking about keeping him in the squad for the rest of this particular season. Loaning out Borini has definitely shown that he cannot cut it with the Reds, but a quick trip for Aspas might prove differently for the Spaniard…too soon to sell.


Our last player makes the list because he needs to use the last bit of his fame from last season to move to somewhere where he can test his true potential. Swansea’s Michu was the revelation of last season and even had a few thinking he might be included in the Spain 2014 squad. However, this season has seen his prowess in front of goal diminish a fair bit. Although the Spaniard has impressed in the Europa league, it might be time for him to join a different squad to push his own boundaries. Michu could have garnered a big money move in the summer, so this move might also help out Swansea by putting a bit of money in their bank account. Rarely does one of these situations seem mutually beneficial, but Michu leaving Swansea might help everyone involved.

As the transfer window opens and closes, some players will get the move that they desire and some will find themselves stuck in a bad situation. Although it may frustrate the pundits and the players might miss out on becoming the best they can be, these players will still be making a ton of money sitting on the bench. No matter how the transfers fall, it is certainly a massive case of #firstworldproblems. Are there any players that you think need to make a move for themselves?


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