Spain Gets a Neon World Cup Away Kit from Adidas

Full Spain away kit

This current reign of Spanish football could be the most historic of all time. Think about it. The have won two consecutive European Championships and the last World Cup in South Africa. But, I mean when Vicente del Bosque has skillful players like Xavi, Iniesta, and Fabregas at his disposal, they need to have high expectations. Anything short of another World Cup title will be disappointment for “La Roja”, so they pretty much have no where to go but down. Could you imagine how much pressure all of these players will be feeling in Brazil this summer? Their group includes some other talented nations including Netherlands, Chile, and Australia, which will make their run to another title even more difficult.

If you were to catch eye of this jersey, you would probably say, “Really, Spain wears this?” Adidas has gone all out with this Spain jersey and they hope that it will pay off. Finally, the reveal. The Spanish away kit is here:

Spain away jersey

Climacool on Spain away

Compared to previous versions of brown, dark and light blue, this away kit features black with electricity (yellow). The crew- cut neck is a staple for most adidas jerseys to provide a snug fit around your neck. The climacool® technology that adidas puts into all their country’s jerseys will provide optimal heat and moisture release through ventilation built into the top. All your favorite Spanish footballers will not have to worry about the heat of Brazil because of this jersey’s technology.

Let’s talk about the crest on this sophisticated Spanish top. When looking at the top, on the right the Spanish crest is woven into the jersey. You might be wondering why there is a star above the crest this time around? Well, after winning in 2010 they earned the right to put that there, along with the FIFA World Cup Champions 2010 badge on the other side.

Spain away crest

Spain World Cup crest

The shorts that go with this top feature the same two colors that are prevalent in the top. They also feature the same climacool® technology that leave these shorts feeling really lightweight. This away kit has truly distinguished itself from Spain’s bright red World Cup home jersey. Adidas is really trying to go out on a limb with these colors and they say the colors were inspired by, “Meaningful features of the cheerful, alive, bustling, social and colorful Spanish culture.” We will see if their play can match the boldness of this kit.


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