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Although the past few seasons have been dominated by the discussion of whether Messi or Ronaldo have claim to the best in the world title, with the occasional inclusion of a few other random characters like Falcao or Suarez, there is a tall striker in France that is continuing to dominate in much the same manner as he has for the entirety of his career. Where Messi’s five goal tally in the Champions League was seen as more fuel to Messi’s G.O.A.T. campaign (Greatest Of All Time), this striker’s four goal haul will probably be forgotten by the time the next group stage match begins…but, Zlatan is still a king of this sport.

Why has he always been pushed to the side?

Zlatan has never garnered the greatest following because Ibra never has pandered to an audience. Where Ronaldo has endorsements and products to sell and Messi enamors everyone with his quiet brilliance, Zlatan ruthlessly engages any of his enemies and exudes his confidence to the point of nausea for some fans. However no matter how the Swedish striker’s personality sits with you, there can be no denying that he has been dominant in nearly every major league in Europe and that he will have amassed one of the most impressive trophy hauls of any player before him once the time comes for him to retire.

Even during the years where Ibra’s output was seen as a disappointment, he still was pouring in the goals for clubs that were up with Europe’s elite and always putting in match winning performances in the Champions League. His deliberate, sometimes slow-seeming play can lull many into a false sense of security. His height also leads many to believe that he cannot quickly leave a defender in his dust or that he is incapable of performing a quick flick and making opposition players look foolish. However, Zlatan is a master at nearly every aspect of the game. A pass-master, scorer of insane goals, dangerous aerially, and source of football inspiration, Ibra can do it all.

Will he suffer the same fate as many of the players that are being overshadowed by the constant portrayal of the Messi V Ronaldo rivalry? Hopefully, the lanky striker will continue to put fear in the hearts of defenders and will continue to add winner’s medals to his silverware cabinet. If his four goal game in the Champions League is any indication, Ibra may still have several years of magic left in him. My wish? That he decides he has enough in the tank to perform in the EPL…come on Zlatan…you know you want to…


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