John Terry Situation Adding Thunder to Chelsea’s Looming Cloud

Chelsea captain John Terry

A 5-1 victory for most clubs would result in celebrations. Most clubs would be excited about one of their best players ending an intense goal-drought. Most clubs would be just fine with a roster consisting of 11 players that are either legends of the game or up-and-coming superstars.

Chelsea, here in February of 2016, is not most clubs.

While the season is still salvageable (to a point, I mean, they aren’t gonna fight for the title or probably sniff top four), it seems like Chelsea decided to take their best run of this entire season (victory over Arsenal, progression in the FA Cup, players starting to actually perform) and completely cover their positives with some extremely odd news.

Apparently, John Terry, the absolute heartbeat of Chelsea for over 15 years, is not going to be offered a contract extension at the end of the season.

Now, while Chelsea has backtracked a little bit and said that Mr. Terry could earn a contract to remain in the blue side of London, this news makes absolutely zero sense. Yes, Terry isn’t the game-changer that he once was. He no longer has the ability to take over a match, rise above any type of controversy, shut down world-class strikers, or play the majority of Chelsea’s fixtures. However, he is absolutely invaluable to a club like Chelsea. Has there ever been a defender to pitch in with goals that are so pivotal to a club’s title chasing? The most iconic memory I have of Terry is the defender scoring against a Stoke team that had berated the player all afternoon over rumors of an affair…Terry ripping his armband off his sleeve and pointing at it (he later said the celebration was for the Chelsea fans…but…come on). This Chelsea team will still need its captain, long after the armband is on someone else’s arm.

All of the big spending clubs have long since learned the importance of keeping an experienced veteran at the helm to help smooth over the wealth of transfers that the deep pockets can ensure. There’s a reason Man U/Man City/Real/Barca don’t constantly clear their shelves of anything over 28 years old. A presence like Terry can help mold the future defenders for Chelsea and help bring stability, no matter how many new players Abramovich’s money brings in. Terry can also be a great icon for the fans, and something for new/young fans to grab onto.

Although some might see the club’s change of heart as a positive move, I actually think it makes matters worse. Telling an up-and coming player that hadn’t paid their dues yet that they had to “earn” their spot would be totally fine. Making a player that has been with them since before Y2K “earn” anything (especially when the player is still a key member of your starting 11)…that’s just diabolical. It reeks of a club that is totally aware that what they just did is a terrible idea…

In a season where nothing seemed to be going right, this feels like Chelsea digging the hole just a little bit deeper. The season still has a few months to go, and this Chelsea soap opera still has plenty of time to either derail or allow Terry to ride off into the sunset. At this point, either option feels just as likely.


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