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The entirety of Italian soccer now bows, once again, to Juve. In one of the most dominant runs in the history of the elite European leagues, Juventus has now claimed five titles in a row. Other leagues have seen favorites come and go, but Juventus still feels poised to dominate Serie A for another five years to come. It seems like the Old Lady, despite fairly frequent transfers of major players, has found the oft-chased formula for a dynasty.

The first thought has us looking forward for the incredibly successful club. It does feel like Paul Pogba could depart during the summer, but there is still a strong core and a handful of future stars that will be walking onto the pitch for Juventus when the 16/17 season begins. Although the club’s uncanny ability to reload (coupled with their ability to still bring in the big names) would be enough, it feels more like the constant upheaval in Italian soccer might be the main thing to praise for Juventus in any future success.

Consider the following: AC Milan and Inter Milan still feel two years away from fixing whatever craziness is continuing to eat away at those clubs. Despite Roma and Napoli putting up decent challenges, it doesn’t feel like Serie A will be back to full tilt until two of its brightest squads are firing at their best again. Plus, Napoli and Roma are still not seen as major destinations…meaning that their best players are constantly being plucked away as soon as they reach full potential. Juventus might field a great team, but it doesn’t hurt that their biggest competitors are struggling to keep up on and off the pitch.

If Juventus can continue with their current formula, it won’t be outside the realm of reason to think they could go for ten in a row. While Buffon will have to eventually ride off into the sunset (or, just go to the MLS), only allowing 18 goals (the next closest team has allowed 30) over the course of 35 matches is ridiculous. Even if you’re scoring record is abysmal, that type of defense is going to keep you in the hunt. However, despite strikers always feeling like the one item that Juventus can never settle on, the Old Lady has bagged 67 goals this season. Show me a team that wouldn’t have success boasting a +49 goal differential…it’s almost too easy!

The only real negative to take away from this title is how Juventus is still struggling to reach the Champions League heights that was once commonplace for the club. Even with a trip to the Final last year, Juve still don’t feel like one of the major powers at play anymore. It’s great to be dominant domestically, but Champions League success is what the current soccer world uses as a barometer for true success. If you aren’t bringing home the trophy in June, then you’re not considered one of the elite clubs. It also doesn’t help that your fellow Italian clubs aren’t making massive inroads yet, but that can all be attributed to what we covered earlier in the Italian shuffle.

Juve is a brilliant dynasty. A dynasty experiencing current success, but poised for more joy on the horizon. If a certain adidas frontman sticks around, there’s really no telling what we might see them accomplish. Congratulations to the Bianconeri! Winning the league 33 times isn’t too shabby…


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