Liverpool Finally Shelve Shelvey Project

In a club that seems caught in almost four or five different mindsets every transfer season then four or five different ones in the middle of every season, Liverpool have finally started shipping some of their youth projects off of the books. For years, the club seemed unable to decide what to do with some of their youth players that seemed slightly under the level necessary to play for Liverpool. Despite being heralded, along with Jay Spearing, as the future replacement for Steven Gerrard, Shelvey never seemed capable of truly slotting into the Liverpool 11.

Although Jay Spearing may not have been officially sold yet, it seems that Liverpool may finally be cutting players that can’t hack it no matter how long their club tenure has been. Shelvey had a few bright performances during the Europa League last season, but most of those performances came against weaker opposition. In a situation similar to what we have seen with Fernando Torres and Chelsea, a few goals scored outside the EPL will not quiet the doubters and it will not get you a place in the starting 11.

jonjo_shelveyConsidering how quickly Liverpool have been spending money this summer, a few players were going to have to be sold in order to finance the club’s transfers. Although many believed that Suarez would be offloaded in order to cover most of the transfers, the Uruguayan is still on Liverpool’s books as I write this article. With the addition of several new midfielders and wingers, the most likely players being ousted would be from attacking positions. If Suarez stays in place, the only players that are safe will probably be Coutinho, Gerrard, and some of the newest recruits.

Considering how recently it seemed that Liverpool were placing every egg in the basket of young players, the selling of Shelvey means that Liverpool may be trying to win as soon as possible. The players that they put on the pitch this season will also go a long way to show what LFC and Brendan Rodgers are looking to do. If we see players like Suso, Sterling, and other youth products gracing the pitch a lot, then we may be watching a club that just can’t seem to make up their mind. However, if players like Suso, Sterling, and Andre Wisdom are only playing in early rounds of certain competitions, then LFC may have turned into a club hoping to cash in on a quick trophy.

Some people may not see the selling of Shelvey as anything more than LFC turning a quick buck. But, with the topsy-turvy time that Liverpool have been having recently, no move can go without being scrutinized. The scariest thing, considering how Shelvey is only 21, is that this move may end up seeing Shelvey joining a mini-revolution at Swansea and becoming more successful than his counterparts at Liverpool. If that happens, I wonder if anyone is going to be bold enough to say “I told you so.” One thing is certain, I’ll be giving that guy a black eye and then going to cry in my Liverpool blanket…


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