Liverpool saw their European chances dashed by a drab 0-0 draw against West Ham on Sunday and it means that another season filled with the hopes and dreams of a fan-base that is wondering when their return to past glories will ever occur ended up being missed out on yet again. Although most of the Liverpool followers will enter into another summer of doubt and another summer of building their hopes back up, there is one area of the club that should not change in the summer months: the manager.

Swansea v Liverpool 2012Brendan Rodgers brought a big change in after his departure from Swansea and the introduction of the “pass-first” mentality that has made Swansea a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League. His transfer dealings (although with the help of a very impressive staff behind him) have been heads and tails above the moves that had been made in the past (i.e. Andy Carroll) and he has the persona to always seem in control of such a large club. Although the results have not sent Liverpool into the type of table position they would have wanted, this season seems to have shown more positives than the negative that everyone felt at the end of the last campaign.

Liverpool may need to attempt to change one of the few things that has happened in the past few seasons: stability. After plowing through Roy Hodgson and King Kenny, Rogers needs to be given another season at the helm, and it would not be just for the manger’s sake. The players, club, fans, and any prospective entity heading for Liverpool would like to see stability at the club if they were thinking about joining in. Although Chelsea pulls players in despite constant managerial changes, they also have the type of spending power that Liverpool can only dream of.

Although I would have said the same thing about King Kenny, it is time to see what happens in the second passage of Rodger’s tenure. Liverpool has completely changed the look of their attack and midfield in the last few seasons and it is time to keep something the same. Although the mass of Liverpool and anything associated with Liverpool may be looking for any type of fix that will get them silverware immediately, it is time to start looking into a serious plan. The fans are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired…perhaps the best change for Liverpool is exactly the opposite: no change at all (at least with the manager, of course).