Luis SuarezAlthough there is no excuse for the unprofessional manner in which Suarez received his 10 match ban that now sees him becoming the subject of much transfer speculation, the biggest concern for Liverpool on the pitch is where they will get goals from. The Uruguayan was the catalyst behind most of Liverpool’s goal-scoring this season and it is difficult to imagine the Reds being able to snag any goals without their magical number seven leading the front line.

However, Brendan Rodgers was able to prove that his transfer dealings have been in the right vein as Liverpool buried six (SIX!) goals past a Newcastle side that is now staring down the barrel of relegation. Daniel Sturridge proved that his move from Chelsea lit the type of fire that was necessary for him to reach the level that many believed that he could. Coutinho is flourishing with Liverpool and showing a prowess that he lacked with Inter and showing skill that has many wondering what type of force he will be when he gets a bit older. Jordon Henderson is also starting to justify the transfer fee that Kenny Dalglish paid for him, but it seems that Rodgers is creating a great atmosphere for these players.

We also saw the return of Fabio Borini and he was able to score after being out for weeks with such a massive injury. If Borini is able to turn into the type of player that can chip in a few goals, his youth also adds to the massive potential that this Liverpool squad possesses.

hey i just met youThe biggest issue when Fernando Torres used to miss games was the fact that club leader Steven Gerrard tended to also be injured. Now, as Suarez serves out his band, Gerrard is still leading the midfield. If Gerrard is able to stay healthy, then it is possible that Liverpool may make it through the Suarez ban with minimal consequence. The only possible setback would come if the defense begins to leak goals. Liverpool seem well equipped to function when the score is level or when they are ahead, but this team does not seem built in a way that would help if they fall behind early in a game.

Liverpool will hope that they can finish the season strong and possibility sneak back in front of Everton. However, the game against Newcastle definitely will help make Suarez’s ban pass a little bit quicker and will help the club to grow in confidence that they can succeed without their star striker. Although they may chant that they will “never walk alone,” it always helps a club whenever they are able to live out that claim.


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