New Balance Leaps Into Soccer with Liverpool Home Jersey for 2015-16

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When I hear the name New Balance, I think of the shoes worn by old folks and frat boys in the United States. The company was founded in the United States by a British immigrant. The company has thrived upon a numbering system for their shoes. Unfortunately, they have largely failed to break into the “cool” category, which has led their leadership to begin trying different methods to change their brand.

New Balance has dabbled in various sports, creating prototype shoes for certain athletes, but end up backing out of going full out. We saw that with basketball in the NBA. They have been able to get a following in the extreme sports, such as skateboarding and biking. They even sponsor a few tennis players. But it seems the attention has turned to another sport now.

Soccer has immense potential to grow, even though it has long been the most widespread sport in the world. The United States is one country that has potential for major growth, while other nations with huge upside are India and China. The New Balance brand is a parent company of Warrior Sports, a brand that has lightly dabbled in the soccer market the past few years. The most notable sponsorship was their $40 million a year deal with Liverpool to be the official kit of the club. Somehow that must have struck a chord with someone in charge, because New Balance is rebranding and jumping all in on soccer.

The company has struck multiple sponsorship deals with some major players. Vincent Kompany, Adnan Januzaj, and Aaron Ramsey are just a few of the players who have committed to New Balance. But why only go for individuals when you can sponsor a whole team? New Balance decided to make the move and create the deal with Liverpool FC.


The 2015-16 home kit for Liverpool has just been released. Reds fans can get pretty excited about the new jerseys their stars will be donning at the Kop. The traditional red color is dominant in the kit, while having white as its secondary color. The club crest, along with the New Balance logo, is white to provide a stark contrast to the Red of the jersey. The red itself is in a chequerboard jacquard weave, providing a classic look and style.

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New Balance is pushing the jersey with the tagline “Hold Nothing Back.” This should be exciting news for Liverpool fans who are hoping to see their team return to glory next season. While nothing in this game is certain, you can rest easy knowing that this jersey is perfect for any Red supporter.

It goes on sale May 14th.


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