When you spend a small fortune buying a player, that player better play! When you spend a small fortune buying a player, that player better perform! When you spend a small fortune buying a player, that player better win you trophies! And, when you spend a small fortune buying a player, you better hope that other players do not overshadow your newest prized possession! Well, the folks over at Real Madrid might be falling face-first into an issue that they created themselves…uh-oh…

Real Madrid have made the Gareth Bale introduction an even bigger deal than it already was because of the fact that many of the players that Bale would be stealing playing time from are now performing! New signing Isco and the Argentine Angel Di Maria seemed to have missed the memo about how much Madrid spent on Bale and they are going to make their exclusion from the team sheet and Bale’s INclusion on the team sheet a decision that Ancelotti will not relish. The manager without any ties to how much his club has spent would choose the players that are currently playing well…but, Ancelotti and Real Madrid are not in a position where they can simply put the players in the richest vein of form on the pitch.

Big spending has handcuffed Madrid and Ancelotti big-time!

Although a pre-game injury “bale-d” out Ancelotti in Madrid’s last league fixture, eventually the manager will have to decide which of his players join the ranks of the starting 11 and which players are relegated to the bench. Considering the massive amount of money that was spent on Gareth Bale, the decision seems impossible to change. When Bale is healthy, because of the transfer fee, he will have to start. Although Isco and Di Maria looked great in their last fixture, they would need to be scoring guaranteed hat-tricks in every fixture to prevent the Welsh new-boy from getting time out on the pitch. If Ancelotti does sit Bale, no matter how well his team are doing on the pitch, he will face massive pressure to prove that the club did not go and waste such a gargantuan amount of money in the summer transfer window!

The situation at Madrid is dire, and that’s without taking into account whether Madrid fall anywhere behind Barcelona. The season is still very young, but this issue could overtake the entirety of the story lines for Los Blancos this season. Ancelotti is a man whose salary I would gladly take, but whose decisions I do not envy. For his sake, he needs one of these big players to either start flopping during big performances or pick up an injury. Otherwise, he either faces being sacked because he did not play Bale or losing Di Maria to a transfer because he is not getting enough playing time. No matter what happens, there will not be one dull day in Madrid this year…I can guarantee you that!


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