The GOAT is finally parting ways with the Catalan club after after 21 years. 17 as a professional. Which leads to the question: WHERE CAN MESSI EVEN GO?!

We aren’t freaking out, you are. Tell us in the comment section where Messi is going and why. Just keep it clean… We are gonna guess Stoke City because he will finally be able to answer the time old riddle: “Yeah, but can he do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke?”

Ok, so he probably won’t end up at Stoke City, but we can’t rule out a switch to a team like Inter Milan. Especially with Chelsea flirting with bringing back Lukaku and a questionable Eriksen return after getting a pacemaker put in for his heart.

Maybe Aston Villa, after the huge calf sized hole that Jack Grealish has left on his way to Manchester City

Last ridiculous guess… Messi goes to Club America because he doesn’t want to learn English and can play in front of 90,000 spectators at the Azteca… yeah we like this one.

As always, get your Messi gear here as we wait to see where he ends up!