Moyes Running out of “Luck”

Moyes vs. Fulham

In the last several interviews and press-conferences, there has been a definite theme to many of David Moyes’ press conferences: luck. “Luck” has been the reason for a large section of their season going south, injuries, and a plethora of other issues that have Manchester United currently treading water in 7th place. “Luck” was even the main antagonist in United’s 2-2 draw with Fulham, but it is certainly feeling like the new United manager is definitely running out of his new favorite scapegoat. How much more of a leash does this guy have?

As soon as the United result was final, any other of the top six teams in the same position and acquiring that same result with the last place team in the EPL would have been fired immediately (even Wenger and Mourinho). Moyes is still at the helm and there are even rumors that United will be sticking with their current manager through the upcoming summer and allow him to wheel and deal in the summer window in order to try and rebuild the team. If that rings true, then Moyes is dealing with mountains of luck. The list of players that are taking their talents outside of Old Trafford at the end of this season seems massive and no amount of money can have the Red Devils immediately rebound.

Fulham ties against United

With that type of mass exodus this summer and the rumored amount of money that the Glazers are hoping to spend in the window, it does seem unlikely that Old Trafford will have to bear witness to another finish where the Europa League is the best the team can hope for. But, such a massive change in personnel can almost guarantee that the next Red Devil Premiership title will not see United challenging for at least another two years. For a team that made winning the title the rule instead of the exception, this much time without a shot at their prized possession will certainly cost Moyes his job…but will it be at the end of this campaign or the next?

Moyes is quickly running out of his luck and he is certainly aware of the type of hole he has put his squad in. In a few months, he will point to his “discovery” of Januzaj, his wrangling of Mata, and a few other “straws” to try and draw attention away from the job he has put in so far. The media campaign from the club will also voice how difficult a battle it has been for the new coach and the host of injuries that he has dealt with during his tenure. Brace yourself for one of the most obvious summers of misdirection from a club EVER if they keep Moyes in the head honcho’s chair. At this point, it does seem less and less likely that United will be parting with the embattled manager and increasingly likely that they will give him more time than he deserves…because of that, Moyes is dealing with more “luck” than we could have ever imagined…


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