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One of the coolest things about soccer being the world’s game is that so many people, with so many amazing talents, can contribute to the sport that we love.  Recently, we have noticed that a host of designers have taken it upon themselves to create awesome combos from other intriguing interests and soccer-style kits.  One of the best ones that we have stumbled upon recently is created by the very talented Alexandre De Sève as he combined soccer kits with NBA teams.

The result is fantastic.

Alexandre has done a great job blending the spirit of these teams into a soccer kit.  For the bulk of the teams, the designs feel classic with just a slight hint of “pop” that we see on your average NBA jersey.  However, there is the occasional flash of something that is usually reserved for the crazier jerseys/kits in the world. 


Some of our favorites are the home Atlanta Hawks jersey (I love the old school Hawks logo anyway), the faded bridge on the home kit for the red hot Golden State Warriors, the fantastically tacky socks on for the Milwaukee Bucks, and the away Sacramento Kings jersey that looks like a perfect blend of bowling team shirt and sports jersey.  Fans of Celtic (or green) will love the look given to the Boston Celtics, and I think that the old-school mentality of the Spurs is perfect for Alexandre’s design.



Out of the entirety of the designs, the only one we wouldn’t buy in a heartbeat would be the Houston Rockets away jersey…never been a fan of anything that appears like an arrow leading towards…the south.  Still, one out of 50+ jerseys is not bad….if anybody decides to create these, we would take them all!

If you know of any other designs like this, send it out to us.  This type of creation is always a big hit with multi-sport fans, and we definitely fit under that particular description.  Let us know what you think of Alexandre’s creation.  Which jersey is your favorite?  Would you snag any of these?



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