The rumors are true America! The USA is getting a brand new away jersey for the Womens World Cup. Nike went with a little something different compared to the famous “Bomb Pop” jersey from last year.

The nickname of the new shirt is Speed Blur. The design itself is different than I expected. Most of the jersey is covered in different shades of blue. The top of the jersey and shoulders are white, which matches the white stripe that runs down the side of the jersey. The bottom is a darker blue shade, almost dark navy. In between is a mix of lighter and darker blue lines that run horizontally. There is also ventilation on the side, helping to release the heat that your body puts off while running all around the pitch.

The white Nike logo is on the right side of the chest. The US badge is on the left side, while two white stars lay above the badge. They represent the team’s accomplishment of winning two World Cups (1991 and 1999). The collar of the shirt is white, with a small red portion near the V in the neck. Inside the neckline, there is a pennant tab with 13 red and white stripes, which represent the 13 original colonies.


The back of the jersey mirrors the front, with no real surprises. Nike’s patented Dri-FIT technology is present on this shirt as well, aiding in ventilation and wicking sweat off of the body. When the players begin wearing the jersey, you will notice the white numbering on the front, white lettering for the back, while the number on the back will have a red outline. Check it out on Clint here.


Perhaps the coolest thing about these jerseys is the fact that they are environmentally conscious. The jersey is made of polyester, which allowed Nike to derive from recycled plastic bottles. Using this process has allowed Nike to reduce the energy consumed by up to thirty percent. The entire kit is made up by an average of 18 recycled plastic bottles, which has in turn diverted over two billion bottles away from landfills. It truly is awesome that Nike has used some of their innovative technology to create an awesome product that truly is environmentally friendly.

The Women’s team will wear the new jersey during the Algarve Cup in Portugal during March 4th-11th. This will be the first in person look at the new kits. The men will don the kit for the first time on March 25th in a friendly against Switzerland, although without the two representative stars above the USA Soccer crest. It will be exciting to see this new kit on the actual players while playing in a live game, but the still photos released by Nike look pretty awesome.



We are hoping that this new kit will live up to the hype created around it. With a name like Speed Blur, Nike is certainly raising the bar for US jerseys in years to come. Be sure to give us your opinion on the new kit from Nike.


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