FC Barcelona Home and Away Jerseys 2015-16

Every year, fans look forward to the release of their favorite team’s jersey for the following season. Well Barcelona fans do not have to wait any more, as Nike has released the clubs kits for next year. The release comes at a perfect time, especially considering the club’s successes this season. They already have the La Liga title in their pocket, and their sights are set on the Copa del Rey trophy on Saturday vs. Athletic Bilbao in the final. A win there would mean Barca only have to defeat Juventus in the Champions League Final for a historic treble.

Home Kit

Nike Barcelona Home Jersey 2015-16

These kits are a tribute to the symbols of FC Barcelona’s heritage and identity as a club from Catalonia. The home kit has a somewhat traditional look to it. The red and blue stripes on the jersey are horizontal, which is similar to the stripes on the Blaugrana flags. The horizontal stripes are not an uncommon sight though, as the Barcelona basketball, rugby, and athletic teams have all donned them. This is the first time for the football team though. The Senyera is embedded into the collar, consisting of golden yellow trim with four thin red stripes. Inside the collar, the words “Mes Que Un Club” (More Than A Club) are printed. There is a golden yellow stripe that runs down the side of the jersey as well. The left sleeve will have Beko’s logo, while the front has sponsor Qatar Airways, as usual. The back also features charity UNICEF near the bottom.

Barcelona Home Jersey 2015-16

The shorts for the kit are mostly red. There is a golden Nike Swoosh logo on the left leg, while the club badge is on the right. The socks are mostly blue with gold lettering “FCB” and Nike Swoosh, but have a thick red band at the top. The home kit is more traditional to the club as usual, although the away kit is a little something different.

Away Kit

Nike Barcelona Away Jersey

The main theme for the away kit is based upon the iconic Senyera flag. The front of the shirt is mostly yellow, with a few exceptions. The right chest has the Nike Swoosh logo in blue, while the left side has the club badge. Sponsor Qatar Airways have their logo on the front once again in a purple color. Belk has their logo on the left sleeve, while UNICEF has theirs on the back. The back of the jersey has red stripes within the yellow jersey.

The shorts for the away kit are primarily blue. The club badge is on the right side of the shorts, while a Nike Swoosh is on the left. The socks are mostly yellow, but have a blue Nike Swoosh and “FCB” lettering. Both the home and away kits look awesome, but that isn’t the only sweet thing about them.
Dri-FIT technology is a big part of these kits, and Nike has taken the tech just a bit further on these jerseys. For the first time, the player’s name and numbers will feature a ventilation system to aid in moisture management. This will further aid in air circulation and help regulate the player’s temperatures. That isn’t the only addition to the kits though.

Barcelona Away Jersey 2015

Nike is going green. Not in color per se, but rather in the creation of these kits. The jerseys are made of a recycled polyester, which provides unparalleled performance with lower environmental impact. Nike has saved millions of plastic bottles from the environment, reducing energy consumed while helping to save the environment. Each kit uses approximately 18 plastic bottles in its creation. Nike continues to show why they are a leader in the game of soccer.


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