After a huge opening weekend for the Spurs, Nike and Tottenham have released their third jersey for the 2022/2023 season. If you’re looking for a kit that sticks with tradition, you might want to change your mindset because this jersey is a look into the club’s future. 

Dare to do Different

In a switch from the traditional look that the home and away jerseys for Tottenham have given us this season, the third jersey offers a totally new and unique look. This jersey from the Spurs will have you dare to live outside of your comfort zone, to create, and be unlike anyone  else. The goal you ask? To spark a more bold look and bolder support for arguably one of the most iconic clubs in the Premier League and the world. 

A turquoise based jersey offers a new yet still traditional look to a jersey that steps outside the traditional realm of Tottenham jerseys. Black cuffs and a collar pair with the turquoise look for a supreme feeling of sleekness and style. However, what makes this jersey so incredibly unique and different is the graphic that spans the entire front of the jersey. A new patterned design offers a bold look that proves that the club is stepping out of the bounds of tradition and into the new age of football. 

While the turquoise jersey and unique pattern is definitely bold, the jersey finishes its look with white details. These details help the jersey pop and be even more daring than we already believed. 

The entire premise and styling behind the jersey is here the constantly evolving look and DNA of the club. Tottenham is taking a new approach to the future and seeking to break the bounds of tradition and daring to be different. 

Bold Tech

The daring look of this jersey continues further into the future with the best in jersey tech from Nike. Match jerseys feature Nike’s Vaporknit pattern that wicks away sweat and targets high heat zones in the jersey to keep you cool and dry during the match. These match jerseys are the same style that we see your favorite players rocking on the field this season. If you’re looking for an elite level fit get your hands on the match jersey today! 

Nike is also home to replica, kids, and womens jerseys that feature Dri-FIT technology that works to move sweat from your body for relentless support. If you’re looking for a comfortable and more affordable jersey to support the Spurs in this season, these are the jerseys for you. Don’t worry they are still high quality, but are designed for comfort and undying support in mind. 

Final Thoughts

Taking a break from tradition, Tottenham have released a jersey that is breaking the bounds of traditional jersey design. The premise to dare to be different and support the evolution of the club makes its clear appearance in the look of the jersey. Whether you’re a new fan of the club or have been supporting the Spurs on their quest for glory, this jersey is designed with the future in mind. 

What do you think about Tottenham’s new third jersey? Let us know below in the comments.