We are under 75 days from kick off at the first match of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and to celebrate, Nike has revealed the World Cup kits for their many federations. All of the new kit designs are bold, innovative, and totally unique. Let’s take a peek into the look and inspiration of the 2022 Nike federation jerseys. 


Looking to build on their previous World Cup success, one thing that Portugal is looking to carry with them on their journey is a piece of home. The 2022 Home Kit for Portugal pays tribute to the Portuguese flag and that sweet feeling of representing their home country. The new pepper red jersey features a diagonal color block of Gorge green that is meant to look like the Portuguese flag wrapped around your body. 

While the home kit is inspired by a feeling, the away kit is inspired by the nation’s legendary history. Home to some of the most iconic explorers and conquests in history, Portugal has changed and shaped the western world as we know it today. The 2022 Away kit is designed with Sail White, that pays homage to the discoveries and explorations the country has made. While the pepper red and gorge green of the portuguese flag sit in the center of the jersey, a sleek blue caps the sleeves and collar to make the nation stand out on the pitch. 


In their typical cutting-edge fashion design, France has introduced two new jerseys that offer style of the French Nouveau. The goal of these kits? Take influence from both the nation’s future and heritage to push the country to yet another World Cup victory. One the home jersey jersey we see a midnight navy backdrop that is simple yet a sleek and unique design is engineered into teh jersey. Nike’s Dri-FIT ADV technology takes an oak leaf and olive branch pattern and sets it throughout the jersey. This pattern seeks to inspire strength, unity, and peace during one of the game’s toughest tournaments. The french flag is seen in a subtle detail on the sleeves and metallic gold details on the crest and swoosh give this sleek jersey an unmatched look. 

France is home to a plethora of iconic landmarks, landscape, and historic events that have shaped the modern world. In the 2022 away kit, France pays homage to their country’s rich history with a white jersey full of sleek new details. The print on the jersey is actually inspired by French Toile de jouy which means we get to see that iconic look, with the country’s most historic features. Game royal blue creates this pattern that shows off imagery like the Arc de Triomphe, Clairefontaine, and the french Cockerel. The french flag even sits in a small cut out on each side of the jersey offering you that extra french feeling. 


Arguably one of the most recognizable jerseys on the international stage, Croatia is sticking to tradition but adding a little bit of a twist in the 2022 Home jersey. A bold white jersey features the iconic collegiate red checkered pattern throughout the entire jersey. However, this time around the iconic checkered pattern is more sporadic and leaves room for player numbers in a more subtle way. Whether you’re a new or old fan of Croatia, you’ll certainly prove you love them with this iconic jersey.

Croatia, a country known for their beautiful coastal landscape, is taking image and pride into the World Cup. The 2022 Away jersey pays homage to the beautiful Croatian coastline that sits on the legendary Adriatic coastline. A blackened blue jersey features that bold checkered pattern in battle blue on the left shoulder of the jersey. The right shoulder of the jersey features the waves of the Adriatic sea in a bold new look. Collegiate red features on the details of the jersey for that extra pop needed on the iconic jersey. 


Most known for their bold home jerseys, the Netherlands is back with that same iconic look this go around. The 2022 home jersey starts its bold look out sitting on a laser orange jersey that is homage to the nation. This laser orange pairs with orange peel to invoke the spirit of the country and invoke the feeling of the historic lion that the country has come to know and love. These colors work to make a pattern that looks like this lion mane and be the symbol of various parts of the small nation. 

However, the away kit takes on a totally different look than the past, but wants to show that the nation is moving into the future of football. A deep royal blue jersey takes the iconic color from the nation’s flag and pairs it with the legendary dutch orange and black for unmatched details. The black details highlight the blue jersey so the dutch will never fail to stand out. Even better is the orange that caps the sleeves and makes the swoosh pop like never before. The 2022 away jersey moves they nation into football’s future while still making a bold statement. 


While the nation is not necessarily known for being a major football world player, they’re looking to make sure that they change this narrative this season. One thing that this nation is not doing is letting their reputation change their jersey design. The 2022 home jersey offers a bold look starting at the sleeves of the jersey. The pattern on the sleeves give us the look of the white eagle’s nest and feathers, which is one of the key aspects of the country’s coat of arms. This white jersey takes this pattern and pairs it with university red details to make sure the nation has an unmatched look. 

The 2022 away jersey for the nation may offer a simple look, but it is still bold and will have the nation standing out amongst the other nations. This bold sport red jersey takes its inspiration from the nation’s flag. However, the simple look is complemented by details on the sleeves and collar with white caps that make sure the nation has the look that they need. 


The nation is making a reappearance on the world’s stage and is letting their game speak for itself. Both the home and away jerseys feature a simple look, but are still perfect for the newly reinvented squad. The 2022 Home jersey features a sleek white jersey that uses the Canadian crest for that burst of color needed on the simple look. 

The nation’s away jersey features a similar simple look but with new and bolder details. Presented on a red jersey, the away look sees a sleek new pattern on the sleeves that offer that bold look the nation needs. Subtle details created by Nike’s Dri-FIT ADV pattern makes sure that the nation will stand out from the pack. 


The host nation is taking on two bold new jerseys this season, which are perfect for the nation hosting the game’s biggest tournament. Qatar’s home kit uses a Desert Maroon jersey and adds details on the sleeves in a white triangle trim to pay homage to the nation’s flag. Similar to several of Nike’s federations, the nation’s crest sits in the center of the jersey with the Nike logo in that snake white color. The nation’s home kit offers you that sleek look and bold jersey that the host nation desperately needs. 

The 2022 away kit features a completely redesigned look that is both bold and highlights the host nation in a more iconic light. Designed with the Qatari coastline in mind, the away kit features a bold graphic in a beach color that mimics the coastal atolls of the nation. Looking to mimic the sandstorms of the beaches, the Qatar away kit is one of the boldest and most iconic looking kits that we’re going to see this cycle. 


Known for their rich wildlife and unique ecosystems, Australia is designing jerseys to mirror the nation’s natural beauty. Sticking with tradition, the 2022 Home kit features that University gold jersey that we have come to know and love. In an homage to the Outback’s sandy landscape, a tour yellow pattern sits on the jersey to give you that sandy look. To better compliment the jersey, green noise caps the collar and sleeves of the jersey for a more bold look. 

Like the home kit, the away kit looks to pay tribute to the nation’s rich and diverse ecosystems. This time the away kit is a nod to Australia’s rich coastline with some of the most unique sea life in the world. An obsidian jersey is paired with green glow details that represent the reefs and sea life of the country. What better way to outfit the nation than with jerseys that take a huge part of their culture and bring them into the future. 

Saudi Arabia

Arguably some of the most unique kits in Nike’s federation line up, the nation is taking on a whole new look this season. The 2022 home kit features a bold white jersey with green details that is perfect for the nation. On top of the bold jersey sits a beautiful print that takes pieces of the falcon on the nation’s crest and spreads them throughout its entirety. The green collar and crest make sure that the jersey takes on a bold pop of color to stand out from the rest. 

The 2022 away kit for Saudi Arabia features a bold pattern that spans the entire jersey, taking its color and design from their previous kits. Looking to make the see that they’re bolder and quicker than ever, the nation’s away kit takes on the perfect look to do just that. Done with malachite and pro green, the nation will never be stuck in the shadows this go around. 


While the legendary african nation won’t be hitting the pitch in Qatar this winter, we can’t let the nation’s iconic kits go unnoticed. A green spark pattern on the pine green jersey creates the bold look of the nation’s home jersey. Even in the center the bold pattern is the Super eagle that has powered the nation to glory and been a central part of the nation’s kit designs of the past. Inspired by traditional patterns and cloth from the nation’s iconic culture, the 2022 home kit will definitely not go unnoticed. 

Sticking to that bold look the away kit for the nation features a unique pattern on its shoulders that leaves even the biggest players of the game speechless. Sitting on a white jersey is a vibrant pattern that also mirrors traditional cloth and clothing patterns for the nation. This time it’s done with a black triangular pattern and capped off with some pine green details in the pattern. The sleeves and collar of the jersey also feature pine green details that make sure this jersey is bold and doesn’t go unnoticed.

Final Thoughts. 

Nike has come through with some of the boldest and most iconic jersey designs to date for the 2022 season. Whether you’re a new fan of the game or one of the oldest fans you know, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on one of these sweet new jersey designs. What are your thoughts on Nike’s federation jerseys? Would you cop or drop? Let us know in the comments!