With the World Cup looming in just a few short months, Nike has revealed the USA’s home and away kits for the 2022 Season. Nike’s taken key pieces of american culture and soccer history and used this influence on their kits this season. Take a look into the 2022 Home and Away kits from Nike and figure out which you’ll be rocking this winter. 


If there is one thing that the United States is known for it’s their huge sports presence. Football, Basketball, Hockey, and everything in between the USA has become the greatest at each and every one. Not only is sports a huge part of the USA’s identity, but culture as well. In the 2022 Home jersey, Nike has channeled the huge sports culture and identity of the United States and made a kit that represents their power as well as athletic conquests. 

The design of the new home jersey for the USA features a look that is an ode to the USA’s athletic identity. The white jersey includes double swooshes on the sleeves that mirror the look of american football jerseys. On top of this we see the crest in a larger size than normal as well as in the center of the jersey which takes on the look of basketball jerseys. The stripes on the shoulders come in a red and blue color with a construction that pays homage to those bold hockey jerseys we have come to know and love. Even the smallest details like the stitched phrase “States United” invoke that athletic pride and feeling that we as a nation sport with us everywhere we go. 

While the jersey may look simple in design, it packs a huge storied punch. If there is one thing that the United States needs heading into this World Cup, it’s the die hard support from American fans that is unlike any other. The legendary jersey is here and it’s more bold and powerful than ever. 


A country unlike any other deserves a jersey design that is just as unique. Sticking with tradition the away jersey takes on that bright blue color that we have seen many times in the past. Unleashing the unique identity and power of the United States has never been easier with the 2022 Away Jersey that is meant to pay homage to its unique heritage. 

Wondering what makes this jersey so unique? It’s the technique that has been used to create that bold pattern throughout the entire. Ice-dying takes and makes each jersey so exceptionally new and unique that no jersey is the exact same. This idea is the same as the identity of every American as no one is the same. Perfect for representing the unique identity of the United States, the iced-dye look will provide the US with a reminder of how special and powerful they truly are when they’re hitting the pitch. 

Final Thoughts

What Nike has done for the USA is truly revolutionize modern kit design. Each kit packs a punch of history and identity that only a country like the United States could wear on the pitch this season. If you’re looking for the USA and Nike to collaborate on a jersey that is not so game changing, you’re definitely missing out on some of the most legendary and iconic kits to date.