With under just 100 days to go, Brazil has released their Home Jersey that they will be sporting on the field during the tournament. If you’re a fan of tradition or a fan of modern style, Brazil’s World Cup jersey is perfect for both. 

Tradition Meets the Jungle

If there is one thing you know about Brazil’s home jerseys is that they typically feature their signature yellow jersey, but this year the yellow jersey gets an update. What Brazil is arguably most known for is their lush jungles and unique wildlife that no other federation in the world is home to. The jaguar is one of the most infamous felines known across the globe and most importantly is found in the beautiful amazon of Brazil. There are very few animals as fierce and powerful as the amazonian jaguar, with its cunning prowess and attacking ability the iconic feline encapsulates what it means to run the world. 

After nearly 20 years since their last World Cup trophy lift, Brazil is on the hunt to lift another this cycle. What better way to power themselves to victory than encapsulating the power of the amazonian jaguar. The traditional yellow jersey features a jaguar pattern print throughout the entire jersey. Green and blue cuffs and collar add an additional look to the jersey that is just as iconic as it is unique. 

What is better than a look for one of the best federations in the world of football than a jersey that proves their power and carries a piece of home with them wherever they go? Nike has taken one of the greatest federations to play the game and given them the perfect jersey to power them to victory this season. 

Perfect for the Pros

This new Nike jersey features all the latest Nike jersey technology that is perfect for the pros. Dri-FIT ADV technology is engineered into the fibers of the jersey and makes up the jaguar prints of the jersey. The pattern improves overall breathability of the jersey as well as absorbs sweat away from your body, perfect for the most elite players of the world. The look of the jersey not only adds style but it adds additional quality for a perfect fit. A slim cut jersey pairs perfectly with the tech for the most elite fitting jersey yet. 

Sneak Peek

If you love the look of Brazil’s home jersey, the away jersey offers a look just as iconic as the home. Stay tuned for a more in depth look at Brazil’s World Cup away jersey in the coming weeks.

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