NY Red Bulls Hangs Banners Better Than Your Club!

This last Saturday in Red Bull Arena, the New York club decided to show their connection to Red Bull in a fantastic way. Instead of taking part in some boring banner unfurling ceremony where all that happened would be the fans watching as some machine or simple rope pulley lowered the Supporter’s Shield before the game, NY Red Bulls decided to spice up the event!

Sasha DiGiulian - Portrait

Instead of something that we have seen before, Red Bull had 21-year-old Columbia University student (and champion climber) Sasha DiGiulian climb over one hundred feet into the rafters of Red Bull Arena to unfurl the banner! There can be no doubting the New York club only share a name with the extreme sports company, but that Red Bull will make sure the connection is obvious to every event that occurs within the stadium. Red Bull will also be hoping that the club displays the same energy on the pitch and that there are more banners to come!

Sasha DiGiulian - Action

After showing off their new proof of last season’s best regular season record, DiGiulian repelled down from the insane heights to deliver the official match ball to some of the Red Bulls supporters groups. Considering that NY was going up against Colorado, it feels oddly appropriate that the match ball experienced some high altitudes before game-time.

Sasha DiGiulian - Action

We are already big MLS fans here at The Center Circle and we hope that as the league grows that we see more spectacles like this! If many of the other clubs follow the example that NY and Red Bull have shown here, it might only be a matter of “when” instead of “if” the MLS becomes as big as major European leagues. After setting the bar ridiculous high (literally!) unveiling their first banner, we have a quiet hope that they snag a few more just to see what Red Bull does to top this feat! Considering their performance last season, it seems entirely possible that NY could return to the same heights this year! (see what I did there?…that was good, right?)


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