Villa signs with NYCFC

While the MLS has a salary cap in place that would prevent NYCFC from becoming the American version of Manchester City, it does not mean that the 2015 entry into Major League Soccer will not be taking full advantage of the Designated Player situation. Factor in that the reach that NYCFC enters into the MLS with is incomparable to any other club in the league and the most recent transfer (and transfer rumor) should come as no surprise. Is it fitting that they plan to play in Yankee Stadium? Perhaps…

David Villa heading to the MLS allows us, once again, to test where the league has gotten in terms of talent and how the league will handle a player at his level. Spain’s all-time leading scorer enters into the MLS one season removed from being a huge piece of Atletico Madrid nearly snagging an absolutely massive double. While Villa is 32 and a few years out of his prime, his attacking talent will certainly still be a fair bit above the typical MLS striker. If NYCFC are going to continue the almost MLS “tradition” of being a successful club right out of the gate, then this will be a huge first move.

The rumor circulating that NYCFC is also attempting to bring in Chelsea’s all-time leading scorer Frank Lampard. At 35, Lampard will not be a long-term solution to being a NYCFC difference maker. However, Lampard has proven that he could perform at the highest level until he is 40. Lampard brings an impressive option to all dead-ball situations, an ever-present calm in the midfield, and is a scoring threat during open play. Given the level of talent that NYCFC are bringing in with these 2 DP choices, the third player will certainly be similar in terms of skill and past accomplishments.

Considering that the biggest rival to the incoming NYCFC will obviously be New York Red Bulls, it should not surprise anyone that the incoming club is already hoping to field an 11 that is superior to the “other” New York club. While the biggest splash might present itself in the third DP signing, nobody can doubt whether NYCFC is meant to be an experiment of if the owners are hoping for the club to be a massive success. With the amount of money at the club’s disposal, the designated player slots and everything outside of the salary cap will demonstrate the lavish nature that we have seen from Manchester City. How long until we see the first New York champion? And, which club will deliver the silverware?


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